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Cayden Wyatt Costner emerges into public attention as the offspring of renowned actor Kevin Costner. Born to Kevin and his current spouse, the accomplished handbag designer Christine Baumgartner, Cayden is part of a notable Hollywood family. Despite his parents' success in the entertainment industry and fashion world, Cayden prefers to maintain a low-profile lifestyle.

Like numerous celebrity offspring, he, along with his expansive family, places a high premium on privacy, allowing them to lead a more reserved and secluded existence. Explore Cayden's life, from early years to family moments, revealing the artist behind her success and relationship status. 

Early Years

During his years, Costner was born on May 6 2007 in the city of Los Angeles, California. Being a citizen of descent, Cayden held a special place in the hearts of his parents Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner. He was warmly embraced by his loving family, who eagerly welcomed him as a cherished addition, to their lives.

Cayden Wyatt Costner wirth his father. Cayden held a special place in the hearts of his parents.
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Cayden received his education at a school in California, where his younger siblings also had the privilege of attending. Initially residing in an estate, near Montecito the Costner family eventually decided to make Santa Barbara their home.

The decision to relocate symbolizes the changing nature of their lives. Cayden's upbringing can be described as a blend of surroundings, quality education, and the backdrop of picturesque landscapes that have shaped their unique familial journey.

Parent's Relationship Status

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner first met each other before starting their relationship in 1998. Costner got Baumgartner's phone number and called her a week later. They dated for years and had a brief split, in 2002 because they disagreed on having children as Kevin already had four of his own.

However, they managed to reconcile that year and celebrated their love with a grand wedding on September 25, 2004. The wedding was like something out of a fairy tale, with horse-drawn carriages and a guest list filled with celebrities. It was truly an event that solidified the bond between this Hollywood couple.


Cayden Wyatt Costner has three older siblings, Anne, Lilly, and Joe, born to Kevin Costner's first marriage with Cindy Silva. Liam Costner, Cayden's fourth sibling, is wealthier from Kevin's relationship with Bridget Rooney, making him related to Kate and Rooney Mara

Cayden Wyatt Costner with his parents and siblings. Cayden Costner has many siblings from his father's marriages with multiple women.
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Initially, Kevin denied paternity, but a court-ordered test proved otherwise, and their relationship remains strained. Cayden's mother, Christine Baumgartner, is the parent of his younger siblings, Hayes and Grace Costner. Kevin's breakup with Bridget may have strained Liam's relationship with his biological father.

Teenage Dating

At this stage, Cayden Wyatt Costner, as a teenager is primarily focused on his education. There is no indication or information suggesting that he is currently involved in any relationship. No reports or sightings have emerged that hint at the presence of a girlfriend or any entanglements of nature.

It appears that Wyatt Costner is content, with his situation and prioritizes his studies over being in a dating relationship. It's probable that as he grows older and matures he may explore connections when the timing feels right. What remains clear is his bond with his family and close relationships, with loved ones.


Cayden Wyatt Costner made an early appearance on the cover of BabyCouture magazine in 2008 when he was just a baby. The feature included insights from his mother, Christine, who shared details about Cayden's bedtime routine as an infant.

After a soothing bubble bath, Christine would dress Cayden in comfortable pajamas. They would then engage in quality playtime and share a bedtime story before Cayden peacefully drifted off to sleep.

Cayden Wyatt Costner with his father. Cayden Wyatt Costner started modeling at an early age.  
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Expressing the joy she experienced when leaving Cayden's side after he fell asleep, Christine conveyed the profound, immeasurable love she felt for her child.

Net Worth

Cayden Wyatt Costner, being too young to earn an amount of money doesn't have wealth. However, his parents, Kevin Costner, and Christine Baumgartner together have an estimated worth of, around $257 million. Kevin's wealth comes from ventures such as Ocean Therapy Solutions. Owning the Midnight Star casino in South Dakota.

Cayden's older brother, Liam Costner is part of the Rooney family. Has inherited an estimated net worth of $400 million. The Rooneys have a stake, in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Are known for their extensive financial empire. Liam also benefits from his stepfather Bill Koch, who's a billionaire.

Social Media Presence

Cayden Wyatt Costner prefers to keep a profile avoiding media and public attention. In contrast, his father, Kevin Costner has a presence, with one million followers on his Instagram account, @kevincostnermodernwest.

On Instagram Costner shares insights about his acting and music endeavors. He actively engages with his audience, on Twitter using the handle @modernwest. Has recently joined TikTok as @kevincostner. While Cayden values his privacy Kevin uses platforms to connect with his fans and offer glimpses into his diverse career and personal interests.

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