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Caspar Richard George Lee was born in 24 April 1994 who is now popular as Casper Lee and now he is 21 years old in his age. Casper was born in London, England and his nationality is South African as well as British. Occupationally by his profession Casper is working earning his salary being as a YouTuber from the year 2012 additionally being as Vlogger and comedian as well as an actor. The real hometown of Caspar is within Knysna, South Africa and his father was working with the profession as dentist. Caspar mother was also by profession as a professor who was working into a school.

Caspar was titled as YouTuber in the year 2011. He was creative from his very early childhood and he used to participate in many of the programs conducted within his school days. He was also linked within a talent agency and he was later dictated as the 165th most subscribed channel within YouTube all with his best sharing which had more than 5 million subscribers. Moreover, his videos are very creative and interesting that made him to grab the attention of his audition. Additionally he also joined his hand within acting and worked within many television programs during the very time.

Caspar life in personal one is very different than his professional career on looking to his bio. His personal life is the hidden part among the media this is also because of his low profile within the social networking sites as dictated by him. Caspar has been seen with many girls and most of them are also dictated as his girlfriends but he has not mentioned clearly with whom he had his dating or the name of his affair. Caspar is also not open about his likes and interest. He loves listening to the songs of Coldplay. Caspar is not married till the current time and neither has he been spotted with any of the lady mentioning as his wife. Caspar is very clear in his nature and he is not gay at all. There is no any controversy regarding his sexuality and not any confusion he has made to his fans. Caspar loves travelling with his friends and his social accounts seems many fan following looking his pictures that he captured while having so much of fun and joyful moment as spent by him. Caspar is very open and close to his friend who he helps in any time needed.

Caspar height is 6 feet 2 inches in tall and his ethnicity background seems white. Caspar looks is very amazing with his great way of presentation. His salary earned from YouTube is also exclusive sum of amount that made him to earn the net worth of around 2 million American dollars in the year 2015 and that will be increasing in this year along with his career.

by Bchrome, 28 Jan, 2016

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