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Early Life and Education

Carrie Gracie was born in 1962 in Scotland. Her father was a Scottish oil executive and she was born while he was on a s signment in Bahrain. She was very active and enthusiastic since her childhood. Her parents raised her up with great compa s sion and care.

Carrie Gracie joined the University of Edinburgh. But, she left the university to run her own restaurant for a year. After that, she graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Philosophy,  Politics and, Economics. Carrie Gracie went to China to teach English and Economics at Yantai and Chongqing Universities. She completed her MA in Design for Interactive Media from Middlesex University. 

Career and path

Carrie Gracie's career took off from BBC World Service in 1987. Initially, she served as a trainee producer there. Later, she became a correspondent.

After that in the year 1999, Carrie Gracie moved to the United Kingdom to work as a presenter on BBC News and World Service. Currently, she serves as a presenter for BBC World Service Program, The Interview.

Carrie Gracie came to limelight after her coverage of the death of Deng Xiaoping, 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and the handover of Hong Kong in 1997. For her interview with BBC journalist Alan Johnston, she was presented with the inaugural Nick Clarke Award in 2008. Alan was a journalist, who was kidnapped by the Palestinian Army of Islam in 2007.

Though Carrie Gracie had to take a break for her treatment of cancer, she again returned to her work. Besides this, Carrie Gracie also appeared in the This World program. She returned to BBC with a trimmed hair. She was praised and appreciated for her bravery.

Marriage and personal life

Initially, Carrie Gracie got married to Chinese rock musician Jin. Carrie and her husband have two children. Both of their children have already spent a term in a Chinese school as a child. But, the marriage could not last long. They divorced after few years of marriage.

Carrie is not found dating any man after her separation. She might be too busy with her work. It would not be difficult at all for a beautiful woman like her to get a boyfriend or a husband. Carrie Gracie was even diagnosed with a breast cancer and treated in 2012. No matter how hard the situations were, she never gave up.

Fact, bio, and height

Carrie Gracie stands beautiful and attractive with a medium height. Her net worth is estimated to be high acc u mulated from her hard work as a news editor, presenter, and, newsreader. According to the sources, her salary in the year 2009 was 92,000 pounds. But, the exact figure regarding her net worth is unknown.

by Bchrome, 01 Mar, 2017

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