Carolina Dantas : Son of Neyamr

News by Sahra Mishra Published on 30 Jun,2014 Updated on 30 Jun,2014

Neymar , a sensational Brazilian footballer, is the father of an adorable son. He had his son born when he was at the age of 19. His son is named David Lucca da Silva Santos which the couple initially planned to name him as Matheus. He was born in the year 2011 August 24 at Sao Luiz hospital in Sao Paulo. He weighed 2.81 kg at the time of birth.  David Lucca is now three years old.

There was not much information about who was the mother of Neymar’s son at the first stage but later was cleared by Neymar himself that the mother is Carolina Nogueiera dantas, a Brazilian Woman. She is roughly one and half year older than Neymar. The couple are not dating anymore and never got married. The official child custody has not been revealed yet. Thus, David Lucca also known as Little Neymar or Neymare jr. Splits his time with his mother and father. He is seen with his father Neymar in pitch as well. There have been lots of his pictures with his mum and daddy dear in the internet. As per quoted in wiki, Neymar said

“I cried when I learned that I would be his father. At first, I felt fear, then joy. It is a new responsibility and I am now enjoying it."