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Carol Marin is currently 67 years old who was born in October 10, 1948. She is occupationally and television and print journalist. She is working as a journalist in Chicago, Illinois. She is also working as a reporter and a s sistant whose family name is Marin. She was born in United States and her nationality is American. The birth sign of Marin is Libra and has worked with in various televisions till the date.

Marin completed her high school from Palatine High school. She completed her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois. Her father and mother were very supportive towards her field. As well as she was very sincere and focused towards her career. During the early phase she made a mentality to become a journalist and now she is a successful face towards it. She has also received awards like Peabody Award for her work of the body. She has also received Gracie Award in the year 2002. She is highly appreciated within Radio and television with her work.

Marin is a happy person. She loves to live a satisfactory life and making a balance with her life and her career. The love life of this journalist is linked up with her husband whom she got married after the long relationship and having an affair as a boyfriend in the very first phase. Having married for almost 43 years they are living a successful life and no planning for the divorce till the date. They have one child and according to the sources they were planning for other children. But her husband hesitated to have more than one child. With the mutual trust and strong bonding they are successful with their family. They are planning some more plans for the better future of their life and does not wants to reveal every of their personal life among the public. Her brother in law Garrick Utley also states about their happy family, that both husband and wife are the amazing persona made for each other. Her husband is a Historian of World war 2nd and additionally an author named Jonathan Utley.

Marin is also involved within the social works. She is related with various organization and providing the cancer victims with the financial supports for the needy one. She also helps in providing physical support in necessary area needed for the women’s empowerment.

Marin is tall in her height. She is successful in her earning and has a perfect net worth. She credits herself and her hard work for the net worth of the success.

Marin often uses twitter as for posting her recent news, views and exploration of her ideas to reach properly among the public. She is the least user of Facebook. She is not additionally found within Instagram till the present context. She has thousands of followers within twitter.

by sanjeet, 13 Dec, 2015

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