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Carl Ellan Kelley is famous for being the daughter of the renowned civil rights activist and Baptist minister, C. L. Franklin. She was the only daughter of the Reverend C. L. Franklin, who was known for his "Million-Dollar Voice" and his powerful sermons.

Carl Ellan Kelley's story gained notoriety after her father's biographer, Nick Salvatore, wrote about her in his book. He was born while her father served at New Salem Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, and she was the final surviving child of his.

Was Carl Ellan Kelley Engaged In Any Romantic Relationship Or Single?

Carl Ellan Kelley was an enigmatic figure, and her love life was equally mysterious. Her spouse or any romantic involvement has remained hidden from public scrutiny and media attention. Kelley's strong desire for privacy made it extremely difficult to discover any information about her romantic relationships.

There is a notable lack of any publicly accessible information regarding her marriage or love life. It's worth mentioning that Carl Ellan Kelley's sister, Aretha Franklin is married to Glynn Turman.

Carl Ellan Kelley's sister Aretha Franklin and her husband Glynn Turman.  SOURCE: Twitter

A curious aspect emerges from the shadows of secrecy. Despite her low-profile lifestyle, it is known that Carl Ellan Kelley had two children Herman E. Wheatley III and Charles G. Smith. 

The existence of her offspring hints at the presence of a mysterious man in her life. Yet, without concrete information, speculations about her romantic partner or husband remain mere conjecture.

The Enigma of Kelley's Net Worth Before Her Dying 

The mystery surrounding Carl Ellan Kelley's net worth prior to her passing persists, despite our thorough investigation across the vast expanse of the internet. Information regarding her sources of income and professional endeavours prior to her demise remains conspicuously absent.

In stark contrast, her half-sister, the legendary Aretha Franklin,  had amassed an astonishing net worth of approximately $18 million at the time of her passing. Aretha Franklin's wealth was primarily the result of her remarkable career in the music industry, where she sold over 75 million records worldwide, captivating audiences across the globe with her soul-stirring music.

Aretha's earnings were further bolstered by her successful concerts and tours, which spanned diverse locations. Certainly, Aretha also benefited from the royalties generated by her songs on YouTube and music streaming platforms like Spotify. She had an impressive following with over 13 million monthly listeners and had amassed more than a billion streams.

Carl Ellan Kelley Sister Aretha's Music Career

Carl Ellan Kelley's life may be shrouded in obscurity, the same cannot be said for her illustrious half-sister, Aretha Franklin. Aretha, a multi-talented American singer, songwriter, and pianist, transcended the boundaries of music genres. Known as the Queen of Soul, she wove gospel, soul, and R&B into her music with unparalleled finesse.

At the tender age of 18, Aretha signed her first recording contract with Columbia Records. However, it was her move to Atlantic Records in 1966 that catapulted her career to astonishing heights, marked by iconic singles like "Respect," "Think," and "Natural Woman."

Carl Ellan Kelley is sister the of Aretha Franklin favourite daughter of the famous civil rights activist and Baptist minister, C. L. Franklin.  SOURCE: Instagram

Aretha's influence extended beyond her music, as she became the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. The world mourned her passing on August 16, 2018, at the age of 76, marking the end of an era. 

The Parents Of Carl C.L Franklin & Mildred Jennings

Carl Ellan Kelley's parentage is snarled with a tapestry of elaborateness and controversy. She was the daughter of two remarkable individuals, C.L. Franklin and Mildred Jennings, who shared a romantic relationship but did not embark on the journey of matrimony.

Their story began in Memphis, Tennessee, where they both attended the same church. At that time, C.L. Franklin served as the pastor of the New Salem Baptist Church in Memphis.

Carl Ellan Kelley's father C.L. Franklin and the husband of Mildred Jennings. SOURCE: amomama

The tale takes an intriguing twist as Mildred Jennings was a mere 12-year-old child when she became pregnant with Carl. After Carl's birth, Mildred and C.L. Franklin parted ways. This separation marked the beginning of a larger narrative surrounding issues of sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse that affected the lives of Black girls and women.

Who Was Carl's Father C.L Franklin?

C.L. Franklin was born Clarence LaVaughn Franklin on January 22, 1915. He was raised in Sunflower County, Mississippi, He was not only an American Baptist minister but also a fervent civil rights activist. C.L. Franklin's journey led him to become the pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, where he preached with an awe-inspiring, million-dollar voice.

Tragically, C.L. Franklin's life was marred by adversity. In 1979, he was shot and wounded, marking a significant moment in his lifelong dedication to the cause of civil rights. His impassioned sermons and influential voice resonated deeply within American society, making him a beacon of hope for many.

Regrettably, on July 27, 1984, C.L. Franklin passed away at the age of 69 while residing in Detroit's New Light Nursing Home. His legacy, however, endures, leaving an indelible mark on both the religious and civil rights spheres in America.

What About The Siblings Of Carl Ellan Kelle?

Carl Ellan Kelley's familial ties extended beyond her famous half-sister, Aretha Franklin, to encompass five other half-siblings. Among them, Rev Cecil Franklin stands as her half-brother. Born on December 26, 1989, he too was a gospel singer and minister who contributed his voice to the world of music and spirituality.

 Carl Ellan Kelley and her sister Aretha Franklin SOURCE: Twitter

Erma Franklin and Carolyn Franklin, two more of Carl's half-sisters, were renowned singer-songwriters who, like Aretha, left an indelible mark on the music industry with their mesmerizing melodies. As for Carl's remaining two siblings, Clark E. Turner and Vaughn Franklin, information about their professional and personal lives remains shrouded in mystery, much like Carl's own life.

Explore Carl Ellan Kelley's Cause of Death

On January 30, 2019, Carl Ellan Kelley departed this world at the age of seventy-nine, leaving a void in the hearts of her loved ones. The circumstances surrounding her passing were initially shrouded in mystery. However, it later came to light that she succumbed to heart failure, shedding light on her protracted battle with heart problems.

The presence of underlying cardiovascular issues, coupled with the ravages of time, ultimately claimed her life. Her obituary, a poignant testament to her existence, can be found on the website of Memorial Park Funeral Home & Cemetery.

In it, her birth details are juxtaposed with her survivors, including children, grandchildren, and siblings, bearing witness to the indomitable spirit of the Franklin family.

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