How Much Is Michael Mando's Net Worth? His Salary, Earnings, And Career

Michael Mando is a famous Canadian actor who grabbed huge attention appearing in Orphan Black, Better Call Saul, Far Cry 3, and many others. Being active in the acting field for around two decades, Michael has collected a high figure of net worth. 

Michael’s net worth is high; but what about the exact figure? How has he collected such a high number of the amount? Scroll down to know his earnings, salary, a s sets, sources of income, and many others.  

Michael Mando’s Net Worth In 2019

The 38-year-old Michael Mando, who started his professional career in 2000, has appeared in dozens of movies and television series. His notable works can be seen in The Border, Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Crossroads of History, Lost Girl, Psych, Rookie Blue, and many others. 

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Talking about Michael Mando’s net worth in 2019, his net worth is reported to be around $3 million. His primary sources of income are acting career, endorsements, advertisements, public appearances, and so on.

In 2017, Michael appeared in the superhero movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, which became quite hit at the box office. The film grossed over $880 million worldwide. It became the sixth-highest grossing movie of 2017. He worked alongside high profile celebrities like Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Michael Keaton.

Michael Mando’s Career And Wiki

Michael Mando started his professional acting career in 2000 and is still active in the field. He actually grew up to be a writer or an athlete, but in his mid-twenties, he suffered a knee injury, thus, decided to change directions.

Michael pursued an academic scholarship at the University of Montreal in International Relations, but shortly after, he decided to go into acting.

CAPTION: Michael Mando in Better Call Saul SOURCE: amcnetworks

Michael has appeared in numerous movies like Condition Affection, Make Your Movie, The Good Lie, The Colony, Elysium, Territories, The Hummingbird Project, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and others. 

His notable acting skills in television series can be seen in The Border, Flashpoint, The Bridge, Lost Girl, King, The Crossroads of History, Orphan Black, Rookie Blue, The Killing, Les Bleus de Ramville, Better Call Saul, The Listener, and many more.

Michael has spanned his career as a voice actor in videos games like Far Cry 3 and Shaun White Skateboarding. He also appeared in the role of Vas Montenegro in 2012 web’ Far Cry Experience.


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