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Cameron Douglas's birth name is Cameron Morrell Douglas and was born on December 13, 1978. This American actor is 37 years age and his active years began from 1997 till the year 2009. Being from the similar background as because his father was an actor he got highly motivated from him whose name is Michael Douglas. He was the only child of his family and his mother name is Morrell Douglas whom she got divorced with her spouse in the year 2000. Cameron grandfather name is krik Douglas and Diana Dill who was also an actress by her professional phase. Since all of his family members were a s sociated into acting made him to so difficult to express himself within the industry

Cameron started his acting with minor roles and performances. In the very time, he was noticed by high-level producer and directors made him improve his skills in acting and were offered to work in Jackie Chan’s Mr. Nice Guy which came across in the year 1997. Also similar to this he also worked in it runs in the family is also the successful film which came in the year 2003. National Lampoon’s Adam and Eve is also another work which was undertaken by him in the year 2005. Latest time Loaded of that came in 2008 also provided good feedback to support his career. in the movie named It runs in the Family is the film where he appeared along with his members of the family.

Cameron was previously in an affair with Jen Gatien whom he was deep in love. Cameron is highly attached to his mom compared with his father and he is the totally family oriented person and from the very young age, he started taking out the responsibility of his family. Cameron also used to play basketball in his high school days yet his information mentioned in bio has not proper information on his interests. He loves spending time with his close people and traveling with them. Cameron is the food lover and he is addicted to fruits. Mostly, he loves eating cuc u mber basically for salad dishes. Cameron favorite destination of traveling is Paris and he is also good in playing golf. Cameron was also in love with his 

Cameron is also a s sociated with the organization related to child rights. He is organizing various programs related and also providing monetary support for the needed child for their growth and development.

Cameron height and weight is not disclosed however he falls under white ethnicity background and American in nationality. The current amount of his salary and net worth is calculated to be 1 million American dollars.

Cameron is also popular in social media with his amazing presence these days. Mostly he is featured in twitter with his Tweets that are been acknowledged by thousands of fans all across of the world

by Bchrome, 16 Apr, 2016

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