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Caitlin Doughty is a licensed mortician, blogger, and author as well as a YouTube personality of American nationality who is known best for advocating the acceptance of the death of loved ones. She was born on the 19th of August, 1984, and is the creator of the web series Ask a Mortician and the author of the bestselling book named Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. His bio and details about her career are searched widely by her fans.

Doughty was born in Oahu, Hawaii and her entrance into the field of being a mortician arose after she witness the death of another child at the age of eight. She became obsessed and feared that her family members would die too. She attended the St. Andrew’s Priory School and then majored with a degree in medieval history from the University of Chicago. Her studies too focused on death and culture and she also studied the witch trials in the early modern period. After completing her studies, she pursued her interest in the field of death by exposing herself to death practices that took place at funeral homes. She was hired then by the crematory of Pacific Interment. She wanted to change the attitudes of people towards death and has been able to do so pretty well.

Doughty has advocated about death because she wants people to accept the death of their loved ones. She created the web series Ask a Mortician which started in 2001 on YouTube and deals with issues regarding decomposition and necrophilia. She has managed to make people understand that death is acceptable through her web series which has attracted a huge number of followers. She has also written the bestselling book called Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and is also the founder of The Order of the Good Death.

As far as her personal life is concerned, her acceptance of death is more renowned than the facts about her personal life. She however is said to have had a relationship with Landis Blair, whom she traveled with to Crestone. Blair is an artist who draws pen and ink drawings. They lived together and now, however, it is not known whether they are still together or not. Apart from her relationship with Blair, there is not much known about her dating history and her present life. Her other affairs have not been known about and it is not known when she will get married and have a spouse who understands her interest in death and its glory. She has never had children and has never been a s sumed to be gay or bi-sexual.

Doughty is a tall girl with a height of 6 feet 1, an incredible body, and a serenely beautiful face with hair having bangs. Her personality has attracted a lot many to view her YouTube account and buy her books but her net worth and salary, however, are yet unknown.

by Bchrome, 05 Feb, 2016

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