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Brooke Kosinski was born on 26th February 2004 in Pittsburgh, PA in the United States of America. Her birth sign is Pisces. Brooke Kosinski is an American by Nationality and a White American by ethnicity. She has different nicknames such as Juicy Girl, Brookie Cookie, Cookie, and Brookie. 

Brooke Kosinski is popularly known as a Dancer at the famous Abby Lee Dance Company. At present, she is linked with the dance studio called Dance mechanics. Her mother's name is Hollie Kosinski who has always supported her with her dancing.

Early Life and Career

Brooke Kosinski grew up with her sibling Jake Kosinski. She had a keen interest in dancing so she started dancing at Abby Lee Dance Company from the time when she was very young. Brooke started dancing from the age of two years. She is best friends with her fellow dancer Mackenzie Ziegler.

Brooke Kosinski along with her mother Hollie got an offer to participate in the Abby Lee Dance Company's junior elite competition. It was to be featured on the Lifetime’s reality television series Dance Moms weekly. However, Hollie rejected the offer due to personal reasons.

The first television appearance of Brooke Kosinski was on season 1 of Dance Moms. She also appeared in the music video of Mack Z’s “It's a Girl Party". Brooke had left her previous Dance studio Abby Lee Dance Company on July 24, 2016, and she joined a new dance studio which was Dance mechanics. She participated in the NUVO Dance Convention with the new Dance studio Dance mechanics.

Personal Life

Brooke Kosinski is just 13 years of age but she has already done quite well in her dancing career. Brooke is still in her early years and she must be going to school at this age. It is quite difficult to handle both the dancing career and her education but Brooke is quite dedicated to her pa s sion.

There is limited information available regarding the personal life of Brooke Kosinski. She is just 13 years old so it would be inappropriate to discuss her marriage, affairs, boyfriends or relationships. She is doing very well to build up a successful career.

Physical features and net worth

Brooke Kosinski is just in her teenage years and she looks very cute like any other teenage girl. Brooke is average in height and she is still growing up. Her body weight is also balanced and she has athletic body measurements which are necessary for a good dancer.

Brooke Kosinski has brown colored hair and her eyes are also of brown color. She is still learning and growing but she has also gained a lot of name and fame. It can be a s sumed that she is getting a good salary as compared to her age. There are no exact details regarding the exact salary or net worth of Brooke Kosinski.

Wiki and Social media

Information in detail about Brooke Kosinski is available on different websites though there is no information related to her on Wikipedia. She is also quite active on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where we can get updated with her online activities. Her twitter handle is @brookemkosinski.

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