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Brooke Elliott is the name of an American actress and singer born in the year 1974 November 16 in Fridley, Minnesota, United States. This 48 years old star is famous for her performance in the theatre including the US tours of Beauty and the Beast and Wicked, and the Broadway productions called Taboo and The Pirate Queen.

Besides, she is well-known in the movie arena from the Mel Gibson Movie “What Women Want” and the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva. She is still known to the world as a Drop Dead Diva for her outstanding and inspiring role as Jane Bingum in the series.

About Brooke Eliott Weight Loss Tips and Dress Size

Brooke Elliot is the sister of two siblings and the daughter of Robert Elliot and Kathleen Elliott. She had a passion for singing since she was 3 years of age. She graduated from Gabriel Richard Catholic High School in the year 1993 and from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance in the year 1998. 

Brooke Elliott went through weight loss. SOURCE: Wales Online

Talking more about her early life, Brooke Elliott had worked as a temp and a waitress in a 1950s-themed restaurant. She had to dance on tables every hour as a part of her in the restaurant. The weight of a celebrity has always taken a hot topic in the media world. From weight loss to weight gain; it becomes a topic in the media.

Brooke Eliott's Career Highlights

As for such, Brooke Elliot who represents the plus-size women in the world loves whatever weight she has. It might have been hard for Brooke in the initial time of her career start. She is a strong promoter of plus fashion.

Brooke does have no will to lose any weight or go on a diet. Instead, she describes her weight as a normal one. She wears a dress size 16. She believes one should be happy with whatever weight she has and as such, she is happy with her weight.

Elliott has been an inspiration to many of the plus-sized women in the world. Her famous quote is “The majority of women in America look like me. It is one of the things I love about the show.”

Talking about the personal relationship life of Brooke Elliot has always been kept on a low-profile by her. Thus, there has not been any news of her dating someone or her being married to any man which means she has no husband.

However, there is a recent gossip and rumor that she has secretly been married to someone but his identity is not found yet. The rumor flowed as there are pictures of Brooke on the internet wearing a beautiful white wedding gown.

As of now, American Sun-Times reported Brooke and her rumored boyfriend planned for buying their engagement ring based on a statement from her close fellows. If the reporting and the statement are true, there is no doubt the rumor of her secret marriage is the truth.

However, when questioned on this, her representative has adopted a “no comment policy”. Also, there is a hot rumor that she is pregnant with her undisclosed boyfriend after the media spotted her with a prominent stomach bulge on April 2014. The rumor is not yet confirmed whether it is true or false as her representative neither accepted nor denied the topic.

Brooke has been a very influential name to many women in the world. There is a long list of her male as well as female fans. She believes in herself and teaches the world to people in themselves as well.

Elliott has been a role model to many young plus-size people. Pictures and information on her can be found on different internet websites including a wiki. Brooke Elliot is an active user of social networks. Her fans can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 


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01 Jan,1970 Brooke Elliot

Born on November 16 in 1974 Brooke Elliott is an American actress and singer. She was born in Fridle....

01 Jan,1970 Brooke Elliott

Brooke Elliot is an American actress known best for her portrayal of Jane Bingum on Drop Dead Diva. ....