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Brooke Brodack is a comedian made popular by the YouTube videos that went viral on the beginning years of YouTube and made her a well-known celebrity. She has been called the first real YouTube star. She was born on the 7th of April, 1986 and her short videos on the YouTube channel are what made her hugely popular. Her bio and details about her are widely searched by YouTube fanatics around the world.

Brooke was interested in video making and did so since she was merely the age of 9. She did her schooling from the Wachusett Regional High School and later attended the Worcester State College. She also studied in the Quinsigamond Community College as well as the Mount Wachusett Community College and dropped out from all three of the colleges. She started her career as a receptionist at the 99 Restaurant and began posting short comic videos on the YouTube channel Brookers on 2005, September. She was offered a development contract from Carson Daly and she was named a Crossover Star by the Wall Street Journal owing to her huge success and subscription of her YouTube Channel.

Brookers’s videos are performed and directed at her family home in Holden, Ma s sachusetts and her video named Crazed Numa Fan!! Ha been viewed for over 8.2 million times. Her younger sister too stars alongside her. Her video Chips has also made her hugely popular and she has also appeared in several websites including It’s Your Show TV. She has also appeared in The Tyra Banks Show and made her own web channel on 2007. She has also made some non-comic videos which have been equally popular. She has also gone on to appear in several other video series and now lives in India as a video workshop lecturer in collaboration with Design Infinium.

While facts about her career are widely known by Brookers’s fans around the world, her dating history is a mystery to all of those concerned. It has not been known if she is currently single, married or in an affair. The list of the people she dated and the name of her current boyfriend is not available. It seems that she is focusing more on her career than getting married and having a spouse. She has never been a s sumed to be a lesbian or a bi-sexual but her boyfriend’s details too are not available. She has never had children as far as the news of the tabloids is concerned and does not seem to be in a hurry to do so. Fans of this incredibly talented lady sure hope that more details about her come up in the media to fulfill their quest for knowledge about her personal life.

Brooke Brodack has made herself popular through YouTube and thus has a net worth of a whopping 25 million dollars. Her salary however is not available yet.

by Bchrome, 05 Feb, 2016

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