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Born on 1987, this Black American celebrity is known as Brooke Bailey by her fans and followers.She is a gorgeous black celebrity having the citizenship of United Sates of America.Her nationality is American and ethnicity is black. She gained her popularity through varieties of TV shows as well as a few movies which were mostly short movies.Among these, she was most popular through her TV show Basketball Wives LA.This 37-year-old urban model's childhood memories and the information is not publicized. Likewise, there are a very few who know about her parents and family as well.Despite her fame, Brooke has managed to keep her family info and other family related stuff as private.

This Tv star gained popularity in a very short span of time so it's actually quite difficult to know about her struggles and the beginning f her career. Even the media lacks proper information about her family related stuff as well as her academic backgrounds. this may be because she is such a great personality among the Tv stars and has a very high number of fans and followers.There is no clear information available which verifies her school and college she went to.She starred in various Tv programs and that was the platform which gave her name and fame in the celebrity industry.She has starred in various popular hip-hop music videos which helped her to increase her fame and popularity.Various information about this celebrity is available on various websites. But they lack the information about her academic life. Her biography is available on various websites including Wiki and other popular sites. But sadly they also lack the proper and clear information about her academic life.

There is a very little information available about th celebrity's personal life, relationships and affairs. This may be because there are different stories from different sources regarding her personal life and affairs. But, howecer  there are many interesting facts that have been revealed through the media about her personal life.These media persons have reported this hot news along with some factual evidences proving them right.This news very much in demand but was not reaching as many as intended so varieties of popular sites as well as many other celebrity sites that have helped publicize the news and information.Some sources reveal that her rivals and haers were the active members in highlighting her through the media.But this music video star herself confessed to the about her being bisexual.But acoording to Brooke's friends, this was not a shocking news and had to come out soe day.There is no clear information of Brook's affair with any co stars or someone else but strangely she is the single mther of three children.No one was highlighted as this celebrity;s boyfriend or husband.Some believe this is because of her being a habituated liar. In addition to her relationship stauts,there has been no such potential information to determine whether she is married or just was into relationship with some one as her boyfriend,.This is because there has been no factual evidence on her getting married to some one as her husband.However, there are some news which claim that she has divorced or  broken up with her previous partner.some news also claim that she has curently been neglecting her childrens.

There were various rumors about this beautiful black lady. Some of them were Brooke being a lesbian and being bisexual. It was Brooke who had claimed her to be bisexual in front of the media but later she had either forgotten the fact or discarded it.No factual proof and evidence were found for her rumors to be true.Brooke is a gorgeous lady currently been estimated to reach her age of above is still taken up as one of the hot, sexy and beautiful models in the industry. In addition to this, she has also appeared in varieties of music videos including Hip-Hop, R&B, and many other solos and featured songs as well. She is also a very popular and renowned as a bikini model for the magazine King. This was also a reason how this celebrity reached her fame and gained more popularity.

This celebrity was popular as a music video artist. She used various gadgets and was often seen in luxury cars and found using various items in her music videos. But however, she was not involved in promoting any car brand , mobile phones, and other accessories.

Having a closed personal life, no sources reveal this celebrity's involvement in any social and charity events. This may be because of her closed personal life. 

When it comes talking about her physique, this music video diva has a curvaceous body well maintained in accordance with the standard measurements to the ratio of 36-26-36 inches i.e. she has the bust size of 36 DD inches i.e. which is also her bra size, she has her waist size of 27 inches and has maintained her curvaceous hips to the jaw-dropping size of 42 inches, Her followers believe she is one of the best examples of women retaining an hourgla s s body figure till date. There is no clear information regarding her height but as currently estimated she stands tall with the height of 5 feet 8 inches. This celebrity has a net worth fo 100 thousand dollars and is going at an increasing rate as per the sources. This is because of her perfect body and popularity in work.

Brooke is a very popular social network celebrity. She has many fans and followers who absolutely love her pictures available on varieties of popular web sites and on Instagram and Twitter. including pictures of her in social sites. Many pictures of her in sexy outfits including bikini and linger with her smooth legs and her sexy body figure expressed through the outfit are available on her personal social media pages and also on various other websites.She is very popular for her beautiful pictures on her facebook page as well.

by sanjeet, 11 Apr, 2016

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