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Brittany Brooks was born on August 5, 1985. She is an American instrumentalist. She played drums with Scarlet Fever, the all-female sponsorship band that visited with Cee Lo Green amid 2010 and 2011. She and differing individuals from Scarlet Fever have performed with other front ladies as In 4D, No Salt, and Miss President. Brittany Brooks was conceived in Oakland, California, and brought up in adjacent Pittsburg, California. She moved on from Pittsburg High School in 2004, where she had played catch drum with the walking band in parades at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida.

In the wake of moving to Los Angeles in 2006, Brooks graduated in 2007 from the Musicians Institute situated in Hollywood, where she performed in TV notices for the Institute on BET. She likewise went to and worked at California State University, Northridge. Streams started playing drums at 12 years old, tailing her more seasoned sibling Chad who began playing the trombone two years prior.

She has played with different spread groups, for example, BandShe, and cutting-edge specialists including Afrosparks, Scotty G. what's more, the Get Down, Raz B CrazeDotCom, Haile Sela s sie, and Filipina rapper Liberty Jayne. She was also excellent in her education and securing good performance in her academic upgrade.

Further looking on her personal status of married life, there is not any clear estimation and fact of this 30 years old celebrity as whom is she married or she is not married. People out there are guessing random people as her boyfriend with whom she is enjoying her spontaneous time being an affair but there are not any clear details regarding the very fact. Even there are many random guesses about her spouse but she is explaining the fact itself is a fake guess.

Brooks claims she is single and not in a position to get married or fall into bonding of the relationship. Brooks has not been asked on her sexuality but many people are pretty sure she is straight in her sexuality. Brooks’ addiction is music and she believes she is born for music. Additionally, she is golf player and in free schedule, her pa s sion is traveling. Her presence in social networking sites is also amazing where her excellent post can be seen with appreciation and followings from her fans. She is planning to get her new apartment and shift with parents. Her internal decoration planning has also been done with the top designer of the town.

The physical appearance of this celebrity is excellent in order. Her height is estimated to be 5 feet 6 inches with matching weight of 170 Ibs. Looking at her hair length its 2Ft according to latest measurement. In present time, her salary and net worth are also excellent in ratio. In present time, she is able to earn around 2 million American dollars with increasing salary.  

by Bchrome, 12 Jun, 2016

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