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Brian Joseph White, born in April 21, 1975 is an American actor as well as model, dancer,and producer . You can see how has he been holding a variety of personality within. Brian is also a stock broker and he is 40 years old by now. The birth place of Brian is located in Boston, Ma s sachusetts of United States. Brian mother name is Estelle Bowser and she was by profession belonging as a financial advisor. In addition to this his father name is Jo Jo White who was also a basketball player engaged into Hall of Fame during the very time. Additionally, he was also a sports executive as well as restaurateur by his professional identity. His father was the source of inspiration to him who even also engaged in Boston Celtics.

Brian completed his high school times from Newton South High School during the very time also being the oldest out of 6 children of his parents as well he was taking all the responsibilities of his siblings. His graduation level of education was even completed from Dartmouth College. While he was in college days Brian was a member of beta Theta Pi fraternity in the meantime. After his education he started his career in the television series along with various area of field. His television work includes top ranked series like Moesha, Second Time Around and the Parkers. This professional career of Brian was started from the year 1997 within the current stage of time with high accomplishment.

Brian fell in love with his longtime affair named Paula De Silva whom he got married in 28 August 2010. The name of his daughter is Layla and there are no rumors of any extra girlfriend of Brian whom he is claimed busy in dating. Brian is in deep love with his spouse and he stated he has a supportive wife in every step of his life and credits her for the success. Brian is not gay and he was once slapped in his school times because of his misbehave with his cla s s teacher. After his behavior he was very guilty for his mistakes. Brian is very opening minded and he is pa s sionate in his career. His bio in Wikipedia and IMDB is missing many of the personal information due to his low profile and responding. 

Brian height is 6 feet 2 inches tall and his weight is 81kg. The current salary and net worth of Brian is calculated to be around 1.5 million American dollars in the current stage of time.

Brian pictures can be downloaded from the internet sites and has thousands of followers in twitter. Along with this, these days, he is also active with the Instagram posts.

by Bchrome, 23 Mar, 2016

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