Brett Dalton

Inside Biography

Brett Dalton was born with his birth name Brett Patrick Dalton was born on January 7, 1983. This 33 years old and successful man was born in San Jose,

California, and occupationally from the year 2007 till the present phase of time, he has been successful in the industrial life in Hollywood.

Early Life

Mostly, Brett is remembered from Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D where he portrayed the character Grant Ward in the very time. Brett Dalton's father was a banker and his mother was working in insurance.

He was also motivated to work within the business and establish himself as a successful entrepreneur. But he was interested in acting from an early age of his time.

Joined Westmont High School

Brett joined Westmont High School in the very early time of his life and in the year 2001 he got graduated from there. He also became a part of the California Scholarship Federation as a president and he also became a part of the Associated Student body within the very time.

After his education, he worked within My Favorite Year where he was portrayed as a lead character. In addition to this during his career time, he also joined the University of California, Berkeley.

Joined the very university for his undergraduate degree

He joined the very university for his undergraduate degree and later he pursued his master’s degree and he grabbed his degree from Yale University which was in the year 2011. His very first role was within Joss Whedon TV which was pursued in November of 2012.

Brett Dalton got married to her affair with the high time as dictating as his girlfriend. The name of his spouse is Melissa Trn and they are living happily with their children now.

Relationship Status

There is a hidden profile of Brett because he has not clarified properly about his personal information yet. Brett in addition to this has also never been into any rumors of extra dating stories except about his spouse and breaking his married life.

Brett's bio has a very low profile in personal matters whereas he has a high profile in regard to his career.

Good traveler

Brett is a good traveler and he is an animal lover who loves spending holidays with animals he has kept a wide variety of pet animals in his home.

Brett also explained that he has been very positive about animal rights which is also the reason for his love of animals. Brett is also a good dancer but he never gave dancing his professional direction.

Net Worth

Brett's height is 6 feet 2 inches in tall. His body structure and perfect bi-shapes attract his fans a lot. Brett along with this has also an amazing amount of salary and net worth.

His latest bio explains his career has elaborated him with a net worth of amount around 3 million American dollars which are double last year in 2015.

by Bchrome, 19 Sep, 2022

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