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Brandi Glenn Cyrus is famous for her appearance in Hannah Montana: Live in London and The Real Miley Cyrus.

Early Life Of Brandi Glenn Cyrus

Brandi Glenn Cyrus was born on May 26th, 1987 and her current age is 29 years. Cyrus’s birth place is Ashland, Kentucky United States. Cyrus is a daughter of mother Tish Cyrus and father Baxter Neal Helson. Cyrus was raised in Nashville, Tennessee along with her parents and siblings.

Brandi Cyrus’ nationality is American and she holds US citizenship. Cyrus’s ethnicity is White. Cyrus has three sisters and two brothers; they are Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Braison Cyrus, Trace Cyrus and Christopher Cody Cyrus.

Brandi Glenn Cyrus' Career

Brandi Glenn Cyrus is a talented personality born; Cyrus started playing Guitar at the age of 18. Cyrus belongs to a musical family and she is grown around music. Cyrus was inspired by her friend’s band Everlife and she started playing guitar in the band for short time.

Brandi Cyrus has often been together with her sister’s concert on the stage of HM concert. Cyrus has played on and off stage for her stepfather Billy Ray Cyrus. Brandi is also planning to launch her solo musical album in coming future. Cyrus’s musical influences include her sister Miley Cyrus, Veronicas, Michelle Branch and her father Billy Ray Cyrus.

Brandi Cyrus and her friend Codi Caraco have started a band named Frank and Derol, where Cyrus plays acoustic and electric guitars. Brandi is hardly working with her band and currently busy in their future project. Cyrus has also made her appearance in the American crime movie Old 37 released In 2015.

Brandi Glenn Cyrus' Net Worth and Social Network Involvement

Brandi Glenn Cyrus has a net worth of a few million dollars  Cyrus is active On Twitter with thousands of fans following. Cyrus’s clip playing guitar has been uploaded on YouTube with thousands of views. 

Brandi Glenn Cyrus' Personal Life

Brandi Glenn Cyrus is a lovely lady and her sexual orientation is a s sumed to be straight. Cyrus’s current relational status is a s sumed to be single, as she has not disclosed much about her personal life or affair in the Medias.

In 2010, Brandi Cyrus started dating Jon Wasleske. The couple remained in a relationship for about two years and they separated in 2012. Later, Cyrus was romantically linked with an American actor Zach Hall and they dated for about a year. From time to time, Cyrus has been linked with several guys; but none of them has been termed as a boyfriend by her.

From the religious view, Brandi Cyrus is Christian and she visits church regularly along with her family. Cyrus has a huge love with music and according to her, she would like to spend the rest of my life breathing it.

Brandi Cyrus keeps a huge interest in fashion and often attends several fashion events. Cyrus currently lives in Los Angeles, the  United States along with her family.

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