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The head coach of Bradley Kent Stevens commonly known as "Brad" was born on October 22, 1976. Brad is famous as a coach for the famous NBA basketball club from Boston, known as Boston Celtics. He was picked as the head coach for Boston Celtics after his success as a university level coach at Butler University in Indianapolis.Brad is a handsome man of 46. He is American by nationality and white by his ethnicity.

Early Life of Bradley Kent Stevens

Bradley Kent Stevens has a long background in the field of basketball.  The former basketball player turned coach grew up in the tough streets of Zionsville, Indiana. He started his career as a player in Zionsville Community High School basketball team. He set four consecutive win record in his time in the team.

The DePauw University graduate is a university level star and also holds prestigious BA degree in Economics. Brad Stevens is remembered as a three-time Academic All-America nominee student and made the record of attending all-conference team multiple times in his university days.

Early coaching history

Brad Stevens after his college basketball success joined the Butler basketball only as a volunteer in early 2000 and was promoted to the post of the full-time a s sistant coach in 2002. He worked in the post of a s sistant coach for five long years and was finally promoted as a full-time head coach there.
Performance by his team

Brad Stevens showed some unbelievable set of strategic skills and lead his team to 30 total wins helping the Butlers to succeed the whole camp and became the first youngest coach to lead his team to secure 30 wins in total in NCAA Division history which opened the gates of opportunity for the genius NBA coach. He also holds the record for most wins in coaches first three years history title as well.

Brad Stevens is known to hold other records like the youngest coach to go lead his team to the finals and he is also an NCCA coach to hold the second-youngest head coach to lead the team to NCCA national championship.

Best Known Qualities

Super focused and relatively cool coach is that what it takes to get the team to the next level. The statement defines Brad Stevens and he lives up to give the record braking performance too. One of the best-known qualities of Bradley Kent Stevens is his statical and analytical way of seeing his team players which are a rare quality that he possesses and delivers to the sports. The defensive team formation has been his best game strategy so far and has successfully established the most tactical approach to the modern day basketball too.

Brad Stevens has set a demarcation line which has been proved to be just as high as the seventh sky for other upcoming generation of the coach. he has been Horizon League Coach of the Year  two times. Hugh Durham Award winner for January 2009 and has been nominated for and Jim Phelan Award finalist three times. Brad has been compared to the legendary John Wooden and we believe there are enough reasons for that as well.

The married man and the father of two, Brad Stevens, have already settled his children's future as he has signed a six years contract with the $22 million contract with the famous Boston Celtics in July 2013. In April 2015, Stevens has added to his team as he led the Celtics to the NBA Playoffs in Eastern Conference with the record-breaking win by 40–42 with the 7th seed.

Early life and interest in Basketball

Born and raised in Zionsville, Indiana, Brad Stevens was interested in basketball from his early age as  a kid growing up and as he attended Zionsville Community High School he was already a basketball star player for the high school team he was at. He won and retained the gold model for four consecutive years. He retained the membership of the National Honor Society, graduating seventh in his cla s s of 165. He was so much into the basketball game that he traveled the country in summers, playing AAU basketball.

College Coaching career

After playing under university camp as a captain in his senior year, Brad Stevens, he joined as a volunteer for the college team as he had this exceptional ability to map the opponent and form a game plan against it. Which ended up giving him a whole new horizon as a coach for The Boston's biggest.

On April 2, 2007, Brad Stevens was nominated as a head coach and in 2007–08 he was the second youngest coach who went up against every best team of American college running for the trophy. He ended the season of Horizon League which is the regional league with a 16–2 and lifted the trophy as well. He has a record of thirty wins in his college coaching career. He has won some big and established teams while he was in coaching for The Butler University like the University of Michigan, Texas Tech, Florida State, Ohio State and much more.

Career as a head coach for Boston Celtics

Brad Stevens was signed as the head coach of the Boston Celtics on July 3, 2013. It is confirmed that he was receiving more than one million dollars per year by the Buttler's club but he preferred to stretch out for NBA and signed a huge $22 million dollar deal with the club.

Personal life and marriage

Brad Stevens is wedded to his college sweetheart and who is also his legal attorney and lawyer Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens. She is his speaks person in the matter of legalities as well.  Stevens and Tracy's love story goes back to their college days when they were both college level athletes. Brad was a basketball player and Tracy was a footballer for women's team at DePauw University.

The couple married each other in August of 2003 and she is Brad's spokesperson till today's date other than being his wife. The couple has two wonderful children together named Brady Stevens (eldest son) and Kinsley Stevens youngest daughter in the Stevens family.

Awards and recognization

Over the years, Brad Stevens has received many awards and nominations and here are some of the honorable mentions which include Skip Prosser Man of the Year Award finalist in 2010. We have tried to enlist just for our fans. Some of the most prestigious awards for Stevens include the below-mentioned titles:

Award/ Nomination Year of Achievement
Henry Iba Coach of the Year Award finalist 2009
Horizon League Coach of the Year 2009-2010
Hugh Durham Award for Mid-major Coach of the Year finalist 2008, 2009, 2010
Hugh Durham Award Midseason honors 2009
Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year Award finalist 2008, 2009, 2010


Salary and Net Worth

The college had been offering one million dollars per year as the salary to Brad Stevens and everyone knows he was signed for  $22 million for six years' contract in 2013. Which makes his yearly salary to be $3.6 million per year and as per the sources his net worth in 2016 is around 6 million dollars. The coach lives his life in style along with his two teenage children and a lovely wife.


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