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Bobby Ologun was born in April 8, 1966. Currently, he is 49 years old by his age as well as he was born in lbadan, Nigeria. He is also called out with his other name as bobby and belonging from the Nigerian Japanese by his nationality. He is working as a mixed martial artist as well as television personality within Japan. He is fluent in speaking Japanese, English as well as Yoruba. Bobby is the 3rd family member along with 31 brothers and sisters within his family. Later, his father and mother got separated that made him to join across along with his father within father’s own company.

Bobby made his very first appearances within the Sanma Alkashiya’s Television program where he made his excellent presentation within the Japanese local channel. It was under the Tokyo Broadcasting System and from the very time he started his progressive career presentation within and across this industry. He was also good in his studies that made him to gain proper ranking and he was also forward in his school presentation. Additionally he also joined the entertainment agency for his further workings that made him additionally join across the martial arts that achieved him to gain a good record from it.

Bobby is the father of 4 children viewing his bio and he is taking a good care of them along with his spouse. He got married with his affair after very long time dating. She is a Japanese girl whose name is Kyoko Konda. They are now well settled within Tokyo but the proper date of when they got married is not available and mentioned within the people. Bobby is very forward and creative by his nature. He loves giving surprises to his spouse and his children so that they can always stay happy with their prosperous life. He is also planning to get a new house in his son’s birthday. And there is no any dictation among the couple for ending up their married life and having a divorce. Bobby takes out for shopping to their children during their free time and even hangs out with his spouse. Bobby is not a gay at all and there is no any rumor that has spread across regarding his sexuality. 

Bobby height is 6 feet 1 inches in tall and his weight is approximately around 98 kg. The earning as a salary of bobby is exclusive making his handsome amount of net worth and his net worth is estimated with the range around thousands of American dollars. He is also planning to donate it for the charity act as well.

Bobby is also seen face within his personal sites and his tweets. Mostly, in twitter he has high fan followings and his mentioning is also very attractive that attracts his fans a lot. He has not been in Facebook.

by Bchrome, 13 Feb, 2016

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