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Bob Simon is also dictated with his birth name as Robert David “Bob” Simon who was born in May 29, 1941. Bob is a popular television correspondent and he worked for CBS News during the very time in his career. His active years in working across the industry started from the year 1969 and till 2015 he was able to grab the outstanding position within his life time. Bob birth place was in The Bronx, New York of United States and he was 73 years old in his age during the time he died. He was the follower of Judaism in his religion and holding the American nationality along with him. Bob used to cover crisis and wars among the issues of his reporting and his father was also the reporter during the very time.

Bob completed his graduation level of education in the year 1962 and he completed his graduation from Brandeis University. His got graduation in Phi Beta Kappa and obtained his major degree in the subject of history. He also worked and served by getting engaged within American Foreign Service officer and this was started from the year 1964 till the year 1967. Later he joined across the CBS News in the year 1969 and permanently started working there with accordance to London bureau. He builds up his confidence right after he started reporting in the year 1971 within the Vietnam War and its beginning.

Ongoing across the personal story of Bob, he died in February 11, 2015 and during the very time he was 73 years old in his age. The exact reason behind his death is due to Car crash. Bobs spouse name is Francoise Simon whom he got married after the longtime of their affair and the name of his children in Tanya Simon. Francoise states, Robert was a very romantic spouse and they were having a committed married life. Robert never had any girlfriend in his life and he had fewer stories in relation to his affair. Bob on looking to his bio has maintained a very standard career with high success thus he was able to gain confidence and into his professional time. He had his car accident within West Side Highway and he lost his control while driving the car this result him to get collided with another vehicle which led him to accident. Bob was declared dead later in St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.

Bob was very smart and tall in his height with the best body structure and components. His weight also seems very absolute along with his height and additionally he is able to gather his collective salary due to his absolute amount of net worth. According to some of the sources, the exact amount of his salary and net worth is amazing which around 2 million dollars was.

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