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Robert Pisani was a news reporter, working for CNBC. He was born on May 23, 1939, he became famous as Bob Pisani. He mainly reports on real estate industry and corporate management till 1997. Since then he started, live reporting from New York Stock Exchange encircled and surrounded by many traders carrying out their business.

Pisani mainly covered on stock market indices just as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500. He then moved on to cover corporate management issues before becoming Stocks Correspondent in 1997. In addition to covering the global stock market, he also covers initial public offerings (IPOs), exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and financial market structure for CNBC. He has been doing this for almost 20 years.

Pisani has done is education at California Institute of Technology (CALTECH). Much of his educational background is not known as no source highlighted about it. However, one can imagine that he has an enough high degree as he taught in University from 1987 until 1992. He and his father Ralph Pisani gave lectures on real estate development in Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

He and his father also wrote a book titled “Investing in Land: How to be Successful Developer.” Pisani learned real estate business from his father as his father was a retired real estate developer. Pisani first starts his career on CNBC in 1990. He has been nominated a couple of times for his show on CableACE Award in 1993 and a second time in 1995. Although he never took the award. However, his doc u mentary on the diamond business titled “The Diamond Rush” won third place in National Headliner Award in 2013.

The correspondent was honored by Market Technicians Association with a Recognition Award for his "steadfast efforts to integrate technical analysis into financial decision making, journalism, and reporting" in 2014.Pisani is a person with a good looking face, nice figure and cool. His presence in the CNBC has made a great difference. Mark Haines, late CNBC personality, describe him as “Italian Stallion” and called him “Cool Breeze” because of Pisani’s interest in Jazz music.

In December 2006, Jim Cramer of Mad Money set Pisani as an example of an easily manipulated reporter used by hedge fund managers to spread false statements about a company in order to illegally drive the stock price down. Cramer said, "It’s really important to get the Pisanis of the world and people talking about it as if there is something wrong...". However, Cramer asked to apologize him to Pisani. Bob Pisani keeps his private life away from media and public.

As of 2016, he is already 77 years old. There is no source available about his married life nor about his wife. Many believe that this smart and intelligent television personality is too busy in his work that kept him away from such romantic love affair. He is believed to be straight about his sexual orientation as there is no sign from him till date. He is 6 feet tall.Bob Pisani has a large amount of net worth, he earned more than $8 million and a worthwhile salary. His bio is available on a wiki and CNBC website.

by Bchrome, 16 Jul, 2016

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