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Robert Dean Bob Ferry, professionally known as Bob Ferry is an American basketball player. He was born on the 31st of May, 1937 and is currently 77 years in age. Robert was born in St. Louis, Missouri to the couple of Andrea and Jonathan Ferry; canteen owners who later split after Bob’s birth. At the age of 3, he was living in Ontario with his mother’s new husband who took care of the family. There, he got to know that he had two half siblings, and one of them was interested in basketball. The younger of the two, Patrick who studied in a nearby school was also in his school’s U-15 basketball team. Inspired by that, Bob also started playing basketball and soon made it into his school’s national team.

Making a good start to his sports career, Bob’s talent was soon recognized and appreciated at his school. Having good relation with his biological father, Bob decided to move back to St. Louis and study at the local Cleveland High School. With his average academic performance, he had a gift for the game and thus applied for scholarship on the basis of his sports talent. He was accepted by Saint Louis University in the year 1956 and he was there till 1959. Born and raised in a Roman Catholic family, he has been following Christianity from his birth. He is an American by nationality and belongs to a white ethnicity.

Bob is a tall, athletic and physically built player. With a height of over 6 feet and 8 inches, this is about 203 cm, Bob weights more than 130 pounds. With such ma s sive physicality, he was born to play basketball. And despite his height has worked hard to prove his worth in the game. Being a player, he has an immense awareness about his health and is very conscious about his eating and sleeping habits. He started to go to gym from his early teenage days and still works out on a regular basis. With much of his life in and around the ring, he is also very active in his social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. He doesn’t have any tattoos in his body nor has been under the influence of any kind of drugs. He has had a wonderful career and has been a successful person both in and out of the game.

With his career debut in St. Louis University’s team, Bob was a regular member of the squad and played his first NBA games in 1959/ 60 season. After being released from his college’s squad he went on to play for many different teams like the Hawks, Detroit Pistons, and Baltimore Bullets etc. where he had a combined score of about 5 thousand and seven hundred points. A reliable rebound of his team, he secured about 3 thousand three hundred rebound points. With a successful 8 year career in the premier division, he took charge of his last club Baltimore Bullets as their a s sistant coach and later became the General Manager.

A married person, not much is known about his personal life. His spouse’s whereabouts have not been mentioned in any sites although we know that the couple who are still together have got a son named Danny Ferry, His son, like the father also played in the NBA for more than 13 years and currently takes charge of the Atlanta Hawks, as their Manager. 

by sanjeet, 20 May, 2015

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