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Blair Fowler is the sister of Elle Fowler who was born in April 1, 1993. Blair was born in Augusta, Georgia of United States and with the help of her sister with owing the same styles they are connected with tutorial and she is dictated as YouTube beauty guru. The name of their YouTube site is AllThatGlitter21 as Juicystar07. Upon where Blair is connected as juicystar07 and her sister is connected with the other one. From the year 2008 these sisters came into the world of beauty with the beginning of the summer and Blair have around 240 million views in her page. Blair is the daughter of Dr. Scott Fowler and her mother name is Melisa Fowler. Her father was professionally a physician and she was supported by her sister a lot.

Blair joined for her early schooling within Dobyns-Bennett High School. She was a very good student in her study and later she also joined with her sister in Miami University. From her very schooling phase she was into make-up and her unique style of presentation made her to collaborate with many of her affairs. Later with the career that started from the videos that she began her career within YouTube. She was also called upon the interview along with her sister in the show named Seventeen and Good Morning America from where she achieved popularity along with the collaboration with the show. Blair also got involved into various promotional campaigns as well.

This YouTube star seems not so clear and friendly about her personal life. It has also found that Blair has not mentioned clearly about her affair and ongoing married life. Even Blair has also not clearly mentioned about her spouse and it has been a s sumed that she is not a married girl at all. Looking to the bio of Blair most of her information is related about her career. Yet, in her school days she used to have affair with many of the boys of all around. But during the very time as according to her she was not so serious at all. Also in the interview within Seventeen, Blair has dictated that she is very open in her nature and her choices are always unique. She loves traveling with her friends during her free time and loves to party a lot. She also often organizes family gatherings so that she collaborates all with her relatives and family members.

Blair is also 5 feet 4 inches in tall. Her salary is also a s sumed to be successful due to her popularity YouTube and her net worth is around 3 million American dollars in the current time with the great number of achievements. 

Blair is also popular within social media since she earned her popularity almost from it. Blair is also seen within Twitter with maximum followers. 

by Bchrome, 09 Feb, 2016

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