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Widely known for a style of writing characterized by mixing sports knowledge and analysis, Bill Simmons is known for his writing in a sports column. Besides, he is also the author, analyst, and podcaster. He rose to fame and gained a lot of fame after he created his own website The Boston Sports Guy which also helped him to land the job at ESPN. Besides, he is also an author of two New York Bestselling books. 

Early Life And Bio Of Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons was born William John Simmons III was born on 25 September 1969 in Brookline, U.S.A to William Simmons and Jan Corbo. Her father was a school teacher. He spent most of his early days growing up in Malborough and Brookline, Ma s sachusetts. Afer his parents divorced at the age of 13, he moved to Stamford, Connecticut to live with his biological mother. He was raised up in Brookline with his family. 

Simmons' stepmother Molly Clark is a doctor. His Zodiac sign in Libra. Bill was born as an only child to the Simmons family. He had a writing skill from his early age. He loved writing and he used to write for school paper too. The memory of his childhood freshens up when he recalls the school’s parody newspaper he started as an underground handwritten magazine.

During his childhood, he also loved reading novels and articles as well. He thinks The Break of the Game, a book he read in his childhood gave him a good start as it influences him to start as a sportswriter.

Bill went on to study at the Brunswick School after leaving Greenwich Country Day School. He also attended College of The Holy Cross. He earned his post-graduate degree from Choate Rosemary Hall. In 1992, he got his graduation in B.A in Political Science and accomplished his master’s degree in print Journalism from Boston University.

Bill Simmons' Professional Career 

Shortly after his graduation, Bill Simmons started working as a high school sports reporter at Boston Herald. Later he got an opportunity to work as a freelancer for Boston Phoenix. During his hard times, he also worked as a Bartender and waiter. He later landed his job as sports column writer for an ESPN The Magazine.

After Simmons became famous through his writing in the newspaper as Boston Sports Guy he got a job from ESPN. He became so popular in few days that ESPN gave him a complete section which helped him get much more popularity.

Three years later Simmons launched an online cartoon on his column. He also worked as a podcast for ESPN .com. He started writing an 800-word column for ESPN The Magazine and later got it increased up to 1200 words. He retired from the magazine in the year of 2009 although he kept writing on the online column.

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Simmons also joined television series E:60 in 2007 and served as a special contributor. Later in 2012, he started working for NBA Countdown show as a panelist during ESPN coverage of NBA. He likewise served as editor-in-chief of Grant land.

Besides, Simmons also established himself as a prominent writer. He published his first New York Times best-selling book under the title Now I can Die in Peace, in 1st October 2005. 

After that, Simmons his another book titled Book of Basketball: The NBA According to the Sports Guy on December 7, 2010. The book also gained a lot of public attention and became hit at the market debuting at the top of The New Best Seller list for non-fiction books. 

Bill Simmons' Awards And Achievements 

For his versatility in the various field and his impressive working skills, Bill Simmons was nominated for Emmy Awards in the year 2011 in the category of nonfiction Series. He also won a number of accolades. 

Bill Simmons' Net Worth, Salary, And Body Measurement 

Bill Simmons has established himself as one of the prominent faces in the field of media as well as earned a lot of money. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is $20 Million as of 2018. His annual salary is around $7 Million per year.

Simmons released his book on first October 2005 titled Now I Can Die in Peace which became the New York Times best-selling. The book is priced $4.99 for Hardcover and $7.68 for Paperback. He published his another New York Times best-selling book Book of Basketball: The NBA According to the Sports Guy on December 7, 2010. The book is priced $10 for Kindle and $10.56 for Paperback. 

It was announced on 22 July 2015, Simmons made an agreement with HBO for $5 million. 

Simmons is 6’1.5” tall and has a fit and slender body.

Bill Simmons' Personal Life, Married, And Wife 

Bill Simmons has been married to his wife Kari Simmons whom he called as “The Sports Gal” in his magazine. The couple has 2 children, daughter Zoe Simmons who was born May 2, 2005. The couple has also a son Benjamin Oakley Simmons, was born November 1, 2007.

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The couple is celebrating a happily married life till date and there are no any rumors of their divorce or complications till date. 

Besides, Simmons is also a huge fan of several Boston's teams such as Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, as well as Boston Celtics. He hugely supported the Boston Bruins and the NHL until the 2008 playoffs.  

Bill Simmons' Controversy 

Bill Simmons remained in Controversy as he had conflicts with ESPN about creative freedom. In 2009 he got suspended from Twitter for 2 weeks from Twitter for illegal tweets about his books. He was punished by ESPN for critical tweets of Boston Sports radio station. Lately, in 2013 he was again suspended from Twitter for posting tweets of ESPN first take.

He has not given any hot photos till date. He is usually seen in a very formal dress.

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