Bernadien Eillert

Inside Biography

Bernadien Eillert has made her name in the sports fraternity, for being the wife of the hugely talented, Netherland’s National Team player Arjen Robben.


Bernadien Eillert has risen to fame for being the wife of Arjen Robben, a football player for the Netherlands National Team as well as Bayern Munich. She is of Dutch nationality and her ethnicity is white.

Early Life

Bernadien Eillert was born in Holland and was enrolled in the Kamerlingh Onnes situated in Groningen.


Bernadien Eillert's career details are not as widely talked about as the career details of her extremely famous husband are. She reportedly works for the Foundation ‘Stichting Aktie Benin’ (FSAB). Arjen Robben's career, on the other hand, has been known worldwide. Bernadine Miller's husband is a professional football player who is the captain of the Netherlands National team. She is also playing currently for the German club Bayern Munich.

Personal Life

Bernadien Eillert is married to Arjen Robben. This lucky girl met him while in high school and the couple has been inseparable ever since. It has also been said, by Robben's coach Barend Beltman that Robben reportedly appeared late for practice as he was meeting Bernadine. Since that day, the couple has been together and is happily married. They met in the year 2000.

The couple tied the knot seven years into their courtship. The wedding took place in Groningen, in the same city they met. The wedding took place at the Kamerlingh Onnes. The wedding consisted of a white theme and the couple released pigeons to showcase the peace and prosperity in their marriage. The wedding was extensively covered by news tabloids but their relationship has not given into the pressures of being a celebrated couple yet.

Bernadien Eillert and Robben have two children together. Their first son, Luka was born in 2008 while their second son Kai was born in the year 2012. The couple lives with their children happy in the Netherlands and is getting along together pretty well by the looks of it.

Net Worth, Salary, and Social Media Involvement

Bernadien Eillert is certainly doing a good job in the FSAb but it’s the net worth of her husband Arjen that has people’s jaws dropping. He has acc u mulated the net worth of a whopping $80 million over the years and it is certainly on the rise with the continued success of the hugely talented player. It can hence be said that the couple is financially pretty stable as of now.

Bernadien Eillert is also actively involved in social media. She has an Instagram and Facebook page which is extensively followed by most of her and Arjen’s fans. She is a pretty-looking beauty who matches up to the valor and charm that her husband exudes.

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