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Ben Jones was born in 2 January 1991 and his stage name is popularly dictated as Ben Hardy. His birth place is situated in Bournemouth, Dorset of England. This British actor and model includes under white ethnicity background and from the year 2012 within present status of time he is active and popular within the television industry in wide range across. Mostly, Ben is remembered with his performance is EastEnders with the character of peter Beale. In addition to this he also made his excellence in X-Men: Apocalypse that came recently in the year 2016. Ben father was working in an insurance company and his mother was a home maker. Ben was eldest out of 4 children and later his parents got divorce that made the children in trouble for their growth and development. Ben spent his most of the childhood times in Sherburne along with his grandmother and studied over there.

Ben joined The Gryphon School and he was a very talented student in mathematics. He was planning to be an engineer during the early stage of time but due to his interest in acting and singing one of his friends suggested him to join in the field of acting that dragged him and he changed his mentality during the very time. Ben was even later spotted with the guest roles and presence which he was highly appreciated with his natural form of acting. Along with this he also got appeared within the Judas Kiss as his very first official play which is also a recommendable act of him.

Ben profile is very limited in the aspect of his love circles. There is no any stories and status of him being married or having an affair. Though there is a rumor for him dating a celebrity he has not properly flashed the name of the person. Even his bio indicates he is too young to get married now and he has even not made any proper mentality to get married. Ben was also spotted with one of the lady last week but he states they are just good friends. Ben has never been into any situational rumors questioning about his sexuality and even he has no any presence of divorce status and history. He is very determined in his career by now and has no time to think of being in a committed relationship as according to Ben dictated in an interview.

Ben height is 5 feet 10 inches tall and his body and bi-shapes makes his fans to falls across him as it is totally well-maintained and attractive. The present stage of salary and net worth of Ben is also exclusive sum of money which is double than the last year. In current it has been stated and estimated to be around 2 million American dollars.

by Bchrome, 27 Mar, 2016

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