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Bebexo is the famous name amongst the females for her great makeup and hair do-oh tutorials in the youtube. Nee is the real name of Bebexo which has been the name which has raised her to the fame.

Early Life And Career Of Bebexo

Bebexo was born on Sep 19, 1989, in Canada. She belongs to Asian ethnicity but no information available regarding her Nationality. She has two sisters who appear on her channel as hair models for her tutorials. 

She currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bebexo has numbers of tutorials on hair, makeups, cooking and also crafts in the youtube and other sites including her blogs on her works. Her theme of life is motivated by Mother Teresa.

Bebexo is an avid fan of sushi and she gets delighted whenever she sees a rainbow. Bebexo loves the smell of oriental/spicy perfumes. However, her personal favorite is Midnight Poison by Christian Dior.

She is pa s sionate about collecting perfumes, reading books and watching horror movies. Besides being a makeup guru for many of the females, she works at Macy’s a perfume store as a perfume sprayer. There is no information available on her date of birth or home country. She has made a low profile on her background.

Beautiful and gorgeous makeup guru, Bebexo has the 129,283 fans following in Facebook as of August 2014. She shares and posts regularly on her page and help others via her posts to learn. She has 2,134 Twitter followers and has over 175,567,899 YouTube views.  She has been in the no 71 in all-time in Canada Chart based on her social media popularity.

On Youtube, one can find lots of her video Tutorials that help long haired or short haired ladies of any age to have their hair done by themselves on their desired hairstyles. Also, there are lots of her makeup tutorials as well.

Her videos are good to watch and the way she has made the tutorials is very simple so that all her viewers can easily understand her and follow her steps. This may be one of the reasons why there is a number of viewers in her video tutorials.

Bebexo's Personal Life, Fact, And Social Media

Bebexo has her own official site where she posts the blogs and reviews on the hair and makeup. is the site through which she is helping people to have their hairstyle, makeup, and inspiration on fashion. She also has written reviews on several of the products that she has used. She can be contacted via email at [email protected] or leaving a message on her official website contact page.

There is a question that if this talented makeup guru is still available/single or if she has been engaged or married to someone.  It is still a mystery to her fans if she even has a boyfriend. But guessing, her fans think she might have one as she is talented and beautiful and loves to be her boy. Well, regarding speculation, there is no confirmed news.

However, her curious fans can confirm if she has been engaged and is going to get married by direct emailing her. Bebexo is polite and knows the value of love of her fans. She tries her best to reply to the questions of her fans.

She is a married woman and has a son. She is married to her high-school sweetheart in 2013 and welcomed their first child, a son named Logan, in August 2016.

She has a stunning personality with a great body. Bebexo is active on Facebook and Twitter and also in some of the internet sites. There is less information available on internet sites but has a wide collection of her pictures. She does not have her information in Wikipedia as well this might be because of her low profile as the information on her is not available.

by sahra, 23 Aug, 2014

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