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Beau Bokan with his born name Beau Mark Bokan was born in November 30, 1981. He is a very popular American musician and additionally a singer of the all-time. He earned his popularity being the vocalist of blessthefall. Additionally, he is also the former vocalist of Take the crown from where his fame was raised. He was born in Huntington Beach, California of United States. His real origin belongs from Los Angeles, California of United States. Occupationally he is a singer as well as a designer and active since 2006 till the date.

After the completion of his higher schooling he joined his profession as a music career. After replacing Craig Mabbitt, he was listed within the vocalist of Blessthefall. He earned his popularity with the hit songs he gave so far. He left the band after a while because of their difference in the thinking of him and the other band members. After leaving Blessthefall he later joined escape the fate. He had additionally made a recording of 4 studio album with the collaboration with Blessthefall. Among which Witness was a big hit during the time as such. This album was released in October 6, 2009 right after that Awakening came across. 

Bokan was a musical man. He used to state himself that he can die for music and spend the rest of his life across the music. Being a metal singer he was of rough and husky voice. He used to state that he wants to live an independent life if still he leaves the music therefore he established his own clothing store. This clothing line was named as Golden hearts Shine Forever that is obtaining a successful business for himself. During the year 2011, he established his business across. Right after he got married with his girlfriend lights Valerie Poxleitner during the year 2012, he was for a while busy with his personal life. His wife was a Canadian pop singer and states that he has a mutual understanding among the relation as a husband and wife. They are the parents of the children now. They gave birth to a baby girl who was later named as Rocket. Bokan loves maintaining privacy about his other personal issues and better loves being away from the media. Bokan is still within his music and balancing his love line with his wife. They are not planning for any divorce for the sake of their children.

Bokan has a healthy and fit body where he is 5 feet 11 inch tall in his height. He has approximate weight with his height. He has an appropriate net worth and satisfactory amount for his wealthy living. He derives all of his success to his hard work dedication and sincerity to his music with devotion. His net worth has increased compared to the previous years.



by sanjeet, 21 Dec, 2015

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