Be schooled about the net worth, salary, and careeer of actress Abigail Hawk

News by ClarencePublished on 10.Jan.2017

Abigail Hawk is an American actress and director most known for her role as Detective 1st Grade Abigail Baker in the US television series Blue Bloods-Crime Scene New York.

She has also made her appearances in short horror movie The Tragedy of Maria Macabre. She has also featured in the movie Bubble Girl in 2016.

Abigail Hawk Net Worth, Income Sources

The net worth of the actress is not that huge but has earned enough for her. Her current net worth is expected to be over $1 million but the fact is not known, yet.

Abigail Hawk


Abigail Hawk has not revealed her salary to the media but seems like she earns quite a good amount. She gets a good amount from the television shows and movies. Besides acting, she is endorsed by different companies. She also collects good amount from ads. 

Abigail Hawk Personal Life

The hot and bold actress has always maintained privacy about her personal life. She has not revealed anything about her love and affairs to the media.

Abigail Hawk with her husband Bryan


 There is a rumor that the actress is married and has a husband. The rumor says she also has a child from her marriage. The name of her spouse is Bryan. However, the name of her children is not revealed.

Abigail Hawk’s career

Abigail was interested in acting since her childhood. She is a graduate of University of Maryland College Park with Bachelor’s degree in Theater in 2004. She also took the acting training in her early age.

She made her acting debut in 1995 in the TV series Reality Check. She also made her appearance in the television series Law and Order: Victims Unit.

She was also featured in the movie The Unidentified. Her popularity was in peak after she played the role of Maria Macabre in the short movie Tragedy of Maria Macabre. She has also appeared in the TV series Blue Bloods recently.