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Baxtar Neal Helson is popularly known as the ex-husband of famous singer Miley Cyrus's mom Tish Cyrus. He and Tish knew each other since childhood and later got married. They have two kids together daughter named as Brandi Cyrus born on May 26, 1987, and a son named as Trace Cyrus born on February 24, 1989. Unfortunately, their marriage didn't work out rumor says it is because Tish was having an affair with a famous singer Billy Cyrus. They got a divorce only after three years of their marriage. Being the genetic father of Miley's siblings Trace and Brandy they were later on adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Helson is not a public figure as compared to his ex-wife Tish Finley. She is a well-known actress and producer known from the movie like 'The last Song', 'So Uncover', and 'LOL'. Helson was never attracted to the media world which was the reason for him being away from the media and fans. In spite of being the ex-husband of former actress Tish Finley, he decided not to drag himself towards media. He is a simple man and likes to live a simple life. It might be the reason that there is no record of his personal life including his date of birth, education qualification and his past life as well. About his professional life, he is very pa s sionate about music and works as a drummer in some band. His love for music is not hidden. He always wanted to be a musician and works in the field of music. He is stunning and good looking guy who loves his profession as a drummer. According to the current report, he is currently living in Phoenix, in Arizona. 

Currently, there is not any report of him dating any girls however, he was linked up with few girls after his divorce but the names of the girls are not revealed. This 5 feet 6 inches good looking drummer has successfully maintained his distance from the media. There is not even single information leaked about his current life but in his past, his named was ma s sively drag by the media because of his connection with the Cyrus family. Now, he has great notoriety as a drummer. He is eminent in Kentucky. His aptitudes in the drum are truly outstanding. He too has numerous fan following. Even though he doesn't want to be in media he cannot run away from the fact that he is a stepfather of one of the most popular and controversial singer Miley Cyrus. 

She has met her stepfather Baxter in few of the events. In any case, when asked her about the scenario she completely skipped the question. Maybe she doesn't care for discussing her stories and tattles related with her mother. Miley is truly extremely enamored with her mother. Questions regarding Miley's stepdad were asked several times to her but she never chooses to answer them. She once had transferred a photo with her step dad in Instagram. It demonstrates that she enjoys her step dad's company. As Baxter doesn't prefer any attention there is no record of him being active in social media. There is also no information about his salary and net worth. In this way, in entirety, Baxter is prestigious as a prevalent drummer of Kentucky and hence cherished by numerous fans.

by ab-utshav, 24 May, 2016

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