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Azurie Elizabeth Irving is the daughter of NBA superstar Kyrie Irving and his former partner Andrea Wilson. Her father Kyrie is an American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association. She is famous because of her father's celebrity status.

Kyrie Irving is renowned for his deft ball-handling abilities and is regarded as the greatest ball-handler to ever play the game of basketball. Azurie Elizabeth was named after Kyrie's mother, Elizabeth Irving, who died in 1996. Kyrie Irving was 23 years old when he had his first child with Andrea Wilson. Her father frequently featured her initials on his game-worn shoes.

Azurie Elizabeth Irving's Parents Kyrie Irving and Andrea Wilson

Azurie Elizabeth Irving's parents, Kyrie Irving and Andrea Wilson started dating in 2013 and got married in 2015. They welcomed their daughter, Azurie Elizabeth Irving, in November 2015. They kept their marriage and family life out of the public eye, but Irving took to Instagram to announce the birth of his daughter.

The couple eventually separated in 2016, and Irving moved on with his current girlfriend, Marlene Wilkerson. In 2020, Wilkerson fell pregnant with a baby boy, and the couple welcomed their first child together in June 2021.

  Azurie Elizabeth Irving's parents, Kyrie Irving and Andrea Wilson. SOURCE: Instagram

Kyrie Irving has had a successful NBA career since he was drafted in 2011. He won one Championship in 2016, as well as a gold medal on the USA men's basketball team at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. He was awarded Rookie of The Year in 2012 and won a gold medal while playing for the USA men's basketball team at the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain. He currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

Kyrie Irving and Andrea Wilson's marriage may have been short-lived, but it produced a beautiful daughter. Despite their separation, the two remain on good terms and are dedicated to raising their daughter together.

Azurie Elizabeth Irving Father Kyrie Irving Dated Multiples Times

Azurie Elizabeth Irving, father Kyrie Irving remains uncertain. Reports indicate that he may be married to Instagram model Marlene Golden Wilkerson or engaged to her.

Their relationship began around 2018, and although some sources suggest they are married, other reports claim they are only engaged. The couple has two sons, born in June 2021 and October 2022, respectively.

  Azurie Elizabeth Irving's parents, Kyrie Irving the basketball star dated multiple personalities. SOURCE: Pinterest

Prior to Marlene, Kyrie Irving was linked to several women. He had a daughter named Azurie Elizabeth Irving in 2015 with Andrea Wilson. However, the private nature of Irving's personal life, combined with his high-profile status as an NBA player, has made it challenging to maintain the privacy he desires.

Kyrie Irving's past relationships include associations with Breanna Barksdale, Chantel Jeffries, Kehlani Parrish, Natalia Garibotto, Andrea Wilson, Hannah Stocking, Teyana Taylor, and Khrystyna Garcia. These relationships have been a part of his journey before settling down with Marlene Golden Wilkerson.

Career Journey OF Azurie Elizabeth Irving 

Azurie's lineage is one woven with talent and charisma. As the daughter of Kyrie Irving, a celebrated NBA player, and Andrea Wilson, her mother's elegance is reminiscent of her past beauty pageant glory. Azure is truly a product of two worlds, embracing her American citizenship and proudly representing the African-American ethnicity.

The Rhythms of Her World Although the spotlight often finds its way to Azurie's father on the NBA courts, she finds solace in the comfort of her Dallas, Texas home, alongside her devoted mother. Kyrie Irving, whose own residence is situated miles away in West Orange, New Jersey, bridges this distance with precious Instagram posts that allow glimpses of their heartwarming connection.

A Life Yet Unveiled Azurie's youthful innocence shields her from the rigours of social media, a rarity in today's digital age. Her parents' conscious decision to protect her privacy has led to a scarcity of public appearances. However, her father Kyrie Irving occasionally treats the world to cherished glimpses of their bond through his Instagram account.

The Net Worth Legacy OF Azurie Elizabeth Irving

The Enigma of Net Worth At the tender age of three, Azurie is yet to embark on her professional journey. As her parents provide the foundation for her growth, her net worth remains shrouded in mystery. Yet, one can't help but imagine the opulent life she leads, basking in the comforts of her parents' affluence.

A Legacy of Luxury While Azurie's net worth may be hidden, her father Kyrie Irving's riches are well-documented. A prominent NBA figure, Kyrie boasts a net worth of around $90 million. His financial prowess is magnified by lucrative brand deals and endorsements, a testament to his prowess on and off the court.

Azurie Elizabeth Irving's father, Kyrie Irving is famous as one of the best ball handlers of all time.  SOURCE: Instagram

The World of Extravagance Azurie's father has amassed not only fame but also an impressive collection of automobiles and a luxurious $800,000 house in Westlake, Ohio. His fleet includes stunning vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini SV Roadster, Lamborghini Aventador, KIA XK3, and Audi R8, and another basketball star Kent Bazemore is simply outshined.

The Dawn of Future Chapters At the tender age of three, Azurie Elizabeth Irving's focus lies not on romantic relationships but on the love, care, and support of her parents. With a bright future ahead, her charming demeanour and beauty hold the promise of a wonderful life partner when the time comes.

Azurie Elizabeth Irving Parents, Siblings, Education

Azurie Elizabeth Irving is the daughter of NBA player Kyrie Irving and former beauty pageant queen Andrea Wilson. She was born on November 23, 2015, in the United States. Azure is the only known child of Kyrie and Andrea.

Azurie's father, Kyrie Irving, is from Melbourne, Australia, while her mother, Andrea Wilson, is from the US. She has US citizenship and is of African American descent.

Regarding her education, Azurie's parents have not openly disclosed it, but considering her age, it is conceivable that she is currently attending primary school or being homeschooled.

Azurie Elizabeth Irving is currently a young child and has not yet begun her professional life or career. She is the baby girl of professional b-ball player Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving has played for many teams throughout his career and had a fruitful vocation in the NBA.

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