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Azriel Crews is a fantastic actress and at a very early age, she has been able to reach the heights of success. Her work in TV shows and movies has been amazing and this is what has taken her to the new heights of success. She has a bright future and in the near future, she will grow even more. She is none other than Azriel Crews.

Early Life and Education Of Azriel Crews

Azriel Crews was born in the year 1990 and this makes her age 26 at this time. Her exact birthplace is not available right now and because of this reason, it is very difficult to figure out her age. The names of her parents are Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews and they must be very proud of what their daughter has achieved in her wonderful career up to now

Miley Crews is her niece whereas Patricia Crews and Terry Crews are her grandparents. Azriel Crews has siblings too and their names are Isaiah Crews, Tera Crews, Naomi Burton Crews and the last one is Wynfrey Crews.

Detailed information on Azriel Crews' early life is not available right now so it is very difficult to guess anything at all. She is a well-educated woman but more information on her degree and the university she acquired the degree from is not available at this time.


Azriel Crews' career has been an amazing one and she is very popular and successful because of it only. She has played several roles but her best has some in a very popular TV series called The Family Crews. The show has reached new heights of success and this is because of effort from all the casted stars. Her videos on YouTube are quite popular too. She is not only a fantastic actress but also a very successful singer. She is a gospel singer and her songs have won millions of hearts all over the world.   

Net Worth

Azriel Crews has been very successful in her career and this has given her great earnings. According to some sources, she has her net worth in millions of dollars. She looks quite tall but her exact height is not available right now.   

Personal Life

Azriel Crews' personal life has been going as smooth as her career. She is happily married to her husband Terry Crews and the couple is going pretty strong. There is almost no chance of a divorce to occur in their lives as their relationships are based on trust and mutual understanding. The couple dated before they got married and their love story is very sweets.

The couple has a total of five children: Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey, Namio, and Isaiah at this time. All of them are very generous and are going grea

The family of seven is living a very happy life.

by Bchrome, 26 Dec, 2016

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