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Axelle Francine, once married to Tony Parker, the retired French-American basketball player and current majority owner of ASVEL Basket in the LNB Pro A, has a diverse professional background. Beyond her role as Tony Parker's wife, Axelle is a French journalist, image consultant, and business owner.

She serves as the CEO of Le Petit Med Spa, and her journalism career has played a pivotal role in elevating her to international recognition. To know more about Axelle's early life, marriage, children, interests, career, net worth, social media presence, etc, continue reading the article below. 

Francine's Early Years

In her years Axelle Francine was born on August 6 1981 in Paris, France. As a 41 year individual, with the zodiac sign Leo, she holds French citizenship and comes from a diverse background. Although details about her family members are not publicly disclosed Axelle is renowned for her accomplishments. 

Axelle Francine Axelle Francine has a master's degree in Journalism and Scientific Specialization.
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With a master's degree in Journalism and Scientific Specialization, she showcases her commitment to her pursuits. Additionally, she has another master's degree, in IT and communications. 

While keeping her life private Axelle's impressive educational background reflects her abilities and likely contributes to the diverse nature of her career.

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Journalist's Married Life

Axelle Francine's journey, with Tony Parker, began back in 2011 when she had recently relocated to San Antonio. She had just spent a year adjusting to her life in Manhattan. Their meeting was arranged by a friend. It sparked a romantic connection.

Both of them had experienced failed relationships before (Tony having divorced Eva Longoria) so they decided to take things. At first, they kept their relationship key. The public only became aware of their dating status in 2011. Tony proposed to Axelle through a Twitter feed in June 2013. They tied the knot on August 1 2014 in an intimate ceremony.

Despite Tony's high-profile career they managed to keep their love story from the prying eyes. For many after six years of marriage and nine years together as a couple they announced their decision to divorce in 2020.

The details behind their separation remain undisclosed as both Tony and Axelle prioritize creating an environment for their two children. Despite the end of their relationship, they are committed, to co-parenting and ensuring a family dynamic.

Francine's Children

The couple, Axelle and Tony Parker had two children during their marriage. Their first son, Josh Parker was born on April 30 2014 a months, before their wedding. Their second son, Liam Parker arrived on July 29, 2016.

The couple, Axelle and Tony Parker. The couple, Axelle and Tony Parker had two children.
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After the couple separated they likely agreed to share custody of the children as hinted at in a statement released by Parker after their breakup.

Even though they have gone their ways the couple remains committed to providing a supportive environment, for both Josh and Liam. Their top priority is ensuring the well-being of their children while navigating the challenges of co-parenting.

Axelle's Professional Journey

After completing her master's degree in Journalism, Francine embarked on her journey, as a creator of health-related content for a publication. Fueled by her passion for fashion and wellness since her years she made the move to the United States in 2010. Landed a prestigious role as a writer specializing in fashion and beauty for a renowned print media company based in New York.

Following her wedding to Parker, Francine relocated to San Antonio, Texas where she pursued a career path as both a stylist and journalist. As time went on she decided to transition from journalism and ultimately established her image consulting firm in 2015.

Recognizing the potential within the fashion and beauty industry Francine hurdled, and founded Le Petit Med Spa in 2019. This establishment caters to the demand for French and European style makeovers while providing clients with an exceptional experience, within the realm of fashion and beauty.

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Francine's Physical Appearance

Known for her captivating smile, delightful demeanor, and admirable personality Axelle exudes charm. Standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) and weighing around 55 kg (121 lbs) she carries herself with grace and elegance.

Axelle Parker Axelle possesses striking features such as charming eyes and lustrous black hair.
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Axelle possesses striking features such, as eyes and lustrous black hair, which add to her overall allure. Her proportioned physique perfectly complements her presence creating a harmonious blend of physical appeal and personal charm.

Combining her appearance, with grace Axelle exudes a magnetic and appealing persona overall.

Celebrity Spouse's Net Worth

Francine, a journalist, with various successful business ventures has accumulated a significant net worth of $2 million. In addition to her endeavors, she is actively involved in philanthropic activities.

Notably in October 2019, she organized an event called the Closet Purge Party. During this event, she generously donated a portion of the proceeds from selling designer clothing and accessories to support causes. Axelle effortlessly manages her time between her home country of France and her business operations based in San Antonio, Texas.

Her dedication to philanthropy alongside her career showcases Axelle Francine's presence and substantial impact on both personal and societal well-being in professional as well, as charitable circles.

Journalist's Social Media Presence

Axelle can be found on Instagram under the handle @axelle.francine, where she actively engages with a following of 4.4K. Interestingly she doesn't seem to have a presence, on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Axelle Francine Axelle is active on Instagram under the handle @axelle.francine.
SOURCE: [email protected]

This limited online presence implies that Axelle values her privacy and prefers to have interactions with her audience specifically, on Instagram.

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