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Atsuko Remar is famous among the public as the wife of American actor, James Remar. Apart from this, there is no information regarding her career and profession.

Who is James Remar Wife? 

She is known as the wife of famous American actor James Remar. Being a celebrity wife, she is in the news and media is curious about her. Media is so curious about the personal lives of celebrities, therefore, whether the spouse is famous or not, they are pulled in the media attraction.

Atsuko, the name itself suggests she is an East Asian descendant probably a Japanese name. Atsuko Remar is a simple and charming person with a humble personality.

Atsuko Remar and James Remar Married Life

Atsuko Remar is married to James Remar. There is no information on how this couple met and when they started dating and got married.

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Her husband James is an American actor known best for his roles in the popular American series Sex and the City. Other of his noticeable works is Too fast Too Furious, Django Unchained, and The Girl Next Door.  The couple has a son and a daughter. The name of his son is Jason Remar while his daughter is Lisa Remar. There is no further information available on them.

The couple is seen often in public places. They love to spend time with each other. Being very supportive and understanding, there is no news of dispute or misunderstanding heard on this couple. They are leading a gracious family life. They love their children very much.

Atsuko Remar Career and Earning

Since Atsuko is well educated and she is not like she is a complete housewife. She must be engaged in some professions but has failed to disclose. But her husband is a famous actor as well as a voice artist. He has appeared in several famous series including American actor, American actor, American actor, American actor. He has also worked in video games such as Killzone3, The Warriors and Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2010.

Net Worth

Since we presume that Atsuko Remar is engaged in some sort of profession, she must be getting a handsome salary. Her current net worth is not known. However, combining with her husband's net worth, it is estimated to be around $5 million.

by Bchrome, 28 Dec, 2016

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