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Aspyn Ovard is a well-known YouTube celebrity who has not had her facts written into the wiki page but is extremely popular in the internet business for her endeavors. She was born on the 15th of April, 1996. She is a fashion guru who has a self-titled YouTube channel which has become hugely popular among the American fans. She was born in Utah and will continue her endeavors even in the years to come.

Born in Utah, this personality was a cheerleader before started reaching high on the heights of fame. She enjoyed travelling since a small age and was interested in beauty and tutorials since a small age. She is known for doc u menting her travels to the New York City and showcasing it on YouTube. She has also showcased her travel diaries to Chicago and Los Angles on YouTube and the videos she has posted has become hugely popular amongst her fans.

Aspyn, who is a video content creator, has had over 2.6 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel of her own name. She has also got a secondary channel called Aspyn+ Parker which she runs with her husband and previous partner Parker Ferris. She has the segments in her YouTube videos which include the likes of Outfit of the Week, Do-It-Yourself videos as well as other similar videos which have made her hugely popular. She has also been equally popular on social sites where people tend to know more facts about her personal life from her own perspective. She has been collaborating with Shay Carl as well as Lauren Elizabeth for her beauty tips and tutorials and will surely remain hugely popular in the internet fraternity for a long time to come.

The beautiful Aspyn is a married woman. She was previously well known for her affair with fellow YouTuber named Parker Ferris. The relationship, which was very well talked about, happened to turn to a marriage that has lasted since its inception. After announcing their engagement, she and her boyfriend were welcomed with several positive nods. This led the pair to get married and the couple has been married since October 2015.

Her husband Parker seems to love her a lot and it surely seems that the couple is getting along pretty well with no imminent signs of a split between them. Talking about her family, she has a sister named Avery Elle and a brother named Tav. Her mother was a hairdresser and that’s where she gained her beauty skills from.

The net worth of Aspyn is regarded to be a whopping 1.5 million dollars and this amount is constantly on the rise with the increase in her salary. she has a perfect height and body measurements which make her hugely popular in the internet business and she will surely continue to awe the audiences in the years to come.

by sanjeet, 02 May, 2016

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