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Asmongold is a popular American gamer and streamer widely known for his World of Warcraft games videos. He also plays Diablo 3 intermittently. He started playing the Warcraft series in 1997 and the World of Warcraft in 2006. He also has a youtube channel named VertualExchange. He is also famous for his relationship with an individual streamer, Izzy. His real name is Zack Rawrr.

What Is Asmongold’s Real Name? Age, Height & Education

Asmongold’s real name is Zack Rawrr. He was born on 20th April 1990 and is currently 30 years old. He was born in Austin, Texas, in the United States of America.

Asmongold did not reveal the details of his parents; however, as per sources, he took care of his mother rather than attending college. After she felt fine, he returned to business school.

He stands at the height of 5.8 feet / 176 cm.

How Much Is Asmongold’s Net Worth?

Asmongold has already acc u mulated over 110 million views and has earned a high figure of money. As of 2021, Asmongold’s net worth is reported to be around $3 million.

The millionaire’s main source of income is his channels. He earns $540 thousand annually from his Twitch account.

CAPTION: Asmongold aka Zack Rawrr is a popular American gamer and streamer widely known for his World of Warcraft games videos-His current net worth $3 million SOURCE: Instagram@asmongold

Recently, while talking to his viewers about Twitch streams and bounties "which is where Twitch finds sponsorship opportunities for its partnered streamers to make some money", Asmon revealed that he was offered $300k for one stream.

“I was offered — I’m not going to say what game it is — over $300,000 to play the game for one day.”

Similarly, in early 2020, he revealed he was offered over $200,000 for a sponsored stream. From this revelation, there is no doubt, he is one of the richest streams out there.

Professional Career: Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, & Reddit

Asmongold started playing the Warcraft series back in 1997, and in 2006, he began playing World of Warcraft. He played with the username, Asmongold. Actually, the name was the code name that his friends preferred him during the play.

CAPTION: The gamer stated playing Warcraft series in 1997 and World of Warcraft in 2006 SOURCE: Twitter@Asmongold

In November 2011, Asmongold made a Twitch channel and soon started web-based gaming recordings. His channel was listed #7 most-watched, generally speaking, divert in Twitch. Similarly, he has a YouTube channel with 333 thousand subscribers, as of May 2021. He is equally famous on Twitter and Reddit and has many fans and followers.

Is He Dating Anyone? Who Is His Girlfriend?

After streaming together for a long time, Asmongold and his girlfriend  Pink Sparkles started dating. It was Pink who revealed their relationship in a live stream.

Sadly, after dating for around one and a half years, they broke up. The main reason behind their separation is not disclosed in the media. However, both hinted that it was not a happy breakup.

CAPTION: Asmongold and Pink Sparkles dated for almost two years until their break up in December 2019-Sparkles is also a Twitch broadcaster SOURCE: Instagram@pnkysparkles

Sparkles, on her Twitter, claimed that she was unhappy with Austin, which led her into a deep depression. So, she moved back to Cali and started working on herself. She stated: 

“It’s been very difficult for us to enjoy our time together recently, while at the same time dealing with a lot of personal problems”.

Just three days later, Asmongold tweeted that he will be taking a break from the live stream for around a week. 

” Hey, I'm going to take a break for a while, probably a week but I'm not sure. I'm sorry to disappoint everyone but I've been so inconsistent and weird lately I think it's the beast thing to do".  

As of now, the streamer is possibly single and seems like he is also working on himself after the messy breakup. 

by ab-krijana, 08 Oct, 2020

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