Anna Kournikova

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Anna Kournikova was born with her birth name as Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova. Anna is belonging from Russia and she was born in 7 June 1981. Anna is now 34 years old by her age and she is former Russian tennis player as by her profession. Within May 2007 she got retired with her profession and her birth place is within Moscow Russian SFSR Soviet Union. She playing pattern is Right Handed and she has earned many achievements with the high success. The name of her father is Sergei Kournikov who was born in the year 1961. His father during the very time was professionally a Gerco Roman wrestler and also won the championship during the very time. He is also the PhD holder from the University of Physical Culture and Sports. This is also because Anna dictates her father is an idol to her. Her mother is also 400 meter runner whose name is Alla who was born in the year 1963.

Anna while came towards the United States made her to get encouraged towards the tennis. During her early schooling only she was so much into sports and also played within Junior Orange Bowl Tennis Tournament. It was just when she was 18 years old where she was crowned being as an ITF Junior Wold Champion. With the primary step of her success she started her professional career within tennis and got part within various tours and tournaments among them most of which was of achievements within her life.

Anna is not open about her bio of personal life comparing to her professional career. In the early times she had an affair with Pavel Bure who was also belonging with the Russian nationality and was NHL Ice hockey player. They also mentioned to being engaged within the year 2000 right after when they met for the very first time when she was with her teammate name Sergei Fedorov. They also got married mentioning as a spouse in Moscow but unfortunately they got divorce in the year 2003 after the 2 years of their married life. Later, on in 2001 she also had an affair with Enrique and she also got appeared within his video named Escape. In 2008 Enrique dictated of getting married with Anna. Anna also remembers of her married life with Fedorov and states that was the best memory and moment of her life as he was a good spouse of her. She has not mentioned about her children.

The earning of Anna is around 20 million American dollars as her net worth with exclusive salary mentioned within her bio of the career. Anna is rich with her height 5 feet 8 inches in tall. She is well maintaining her weight now and totally concentrates about it. Her exclusive pictures with sexy curves can be seen within the social networking sites of her.

by Bchrome, 09 Feb, 2016

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