Ann Reardon(youtuber) Biography

Biography by Published on Updated on 13 Feb, 2016
Facts of Ann Reardon(youtuber)
Birth Nation: Australia
Name Ann Reardon
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Profession YouTube personality
Net Worth N/A
Eye Color Dark-Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Weight in KG 70 KG
Married N/A
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Ann Reardon is the face and the mind behind the website and YouTube baking Channel named How to Cook That. This widely popular channel has made her enter into the hearts and minds of people all around the world and has made her a well-known personality among cooking fans around the world. While her actual date of birth is not known, her unique cooking skills are liked and respected by her fans around the world.

Aptly called the baking queen, Ann was previously working as a qualified food scientist as well as a dietitian. After this left the field of food and entered the field of youth awareness and worked in Western Australia. She taught people how to cook themselves when she was working there. After moving into Sydney on 2009 she launched the How To Cook That as a website which has now become her major source of income.

The inspiration for the launching of her website came up after the fact that she recently had a third son who has to be catered to even at the times of night. She used to wake up, cater to him and in her free time started uploading videos and recipes onto her channel. Some of the videos turned out to be too large to fit and hence led her to open a YouTube Channel of the same name. Her talent in creating unique recipes and posting it on her channel has made her hugely popular amongst the audience. By the year 2015 the channel has been attracting a total of 14 million views in a month with 1 million subscribers in total. This versatile personality has been managing both her personal as well as her professional life and has been earning a lot from the success in this field. Her recipes focus mainly on cakes, desserts ad classic candy bars.

As far as her personal life is concerned, it is known that Ann is a married woman. The duration for which she has been married and the name of her husband is yet not known to the audience but it has been known that she has three children. It was after the birth of her third child that she was motivated to open a website and a channel which has subsequently led to her huge success as an internet sensation. She has never been assumed to be in an affair with anybody else except her current husband and has never been assumed to be cheating on him. She has also never been assumed to be a lesbian or a bi-sexual and certainly isn’t so. Her professional life as a food artist is much more talked about rather than her personal life.

Ann must have a huge net worth and salary but the exact amount is yet unknown. She has a huge fan following who wish to constantly view her bio and career and her popularity is certainly on the rise and will be so for more years to come.