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Anjali Ramkissoon is an American doctor working at the US hospital before the incident that brought her into the limelight. The video of her titled Drunk Girl Tries To Hijack An Uber and Destroys His Car! went viral where she was seen attacking an Uber driver in Miami which was a big deal as being a doctor she was supposed to save people not injure them. Because of her unethical behavior, people highly criticized her and she became the headlines of every leading news channel at that time. She was a University of Miami fourth-year neurology resident working at Jackson Health System in Miami.       

Florida Born Anjali Ramkissoon Is A University of Miami Graduate  

Anjali Ramkissoon was born in Miami, Florida, United States, in 1984. She spent most of her early days in her hometown Miami along with her family. She came to limelight only after the incident which is why the information about her early life is not available. She is the daughter of Patricia Ramkissoon (mother). She also has a sister named Kavita Ramkissoon

Ramkissoon did her schooling from the North Miami Beach High School. She was the student of the University of Miami fourth-year neurology resident working at Jackson Health System in Miami.

Regarding her nationality, Anjali is an American and as far as her ethnicity is concerned, she has a mixed ethnical background.  

Anjali Ramkissoon's Career 

Anjali Ramkissoon worked at the main teaching hospital of the Jackson Memorial. 

In 2016, Ramkissoon majored in sleep medicine and headaches. Moreover, she has participated in epilepsy research. Before starting her residency at Jackson she studied at St. George University Medical School in Grenada.    

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Ramkissoon completed her undergraduate studies from Barry University in Miami in 2008.

What is Her Net Worth? 

 The doctor Anjali has made a considerable amount of money from her career. The information about Ramkissoon's net worth and salary, however, is yet to be revealed.

As per the 2016 Medscape report, the average salary of a neurologist is $241,000.  Previously Ramkissoon worked as a physician In Jackson Health System so she must have ama s sed a decent amount of money from her professional life. 

According to some genuine sources, her net worth is believed to be around $300k, in 2019. 

Anjali Ramkissoon's Uber Video

On January 19, 2016, a video titled Drunk Girl Tries To Hijack An Uber and Destroys His Car! went viral on the internet. In the video, Ramkissoon was seen attacking an uber diver and destroying his car. 

According to the Daily Mail, Ramkissoon reportedly got into an Uber without a reservation and when the driver told her to leave, she became angry and aggressive. 

The video shows her kicking and punching the driver, who eventually walks away and then she is seen getting back to the pa s senger seat of the vehicle and throwing mails, electronics, cash, cell phone and pieces of papers and receipts.  

Ramkissoon also shouts at the driver saying,   

 'Get the f*** in the car, you piece of f***ing disgusting s***.'

When the driver called the police and told him he has bruises from the Ramkissoon's attack, she mocked his plea, saying, 

 'I'm a 5ft tall girl who weighs 100lbs and I am getting really belligerent right now'.

The driver was there to pick a man named Juan Cinco and he was the one who videoed the whole incident. Later, he uploaded the video on YouTube which went viral overnight resulting in her being fired from the hospital in April 2016. The video was viewed more than 7 million times. 

As per Mr. Cinco's YouTube post, she left the uber only after the police arrived at the place. He wrote:

'Once in handcuffs, she then tried kicking some of the police officers on the scene."

He continued:

'It was only when they put her in the police car that she started crying, apologizing, and claiming that she would lose her medical license (she claimed to be a neurologist) if she got arrested."

As Uber driver was an extremely good man he did not take any legal action and took some cash only enough to pay his cell phone bill and cable bill. 

Ramkissoon later apologized for the incident when she appeared on Good Morning America. She also said that she had broken up with her boyfriend of two years radiologist Sean O'Neill right before the incident and she was extremely devasted: Ramkissoon said:  

“There is absolutely no excuse for my actions. I am ashamed. I am so sorry. I’ve hurt so many people with this.”

Later the uber diver also released a statement saying:

'Uber expects everyone a s sociated with the platform – both drivers and riders – to conduct themselves with a shared level of respect and common courtesy, and all forms of hara s sment and abuse are not tolerated. 'We have suspended the rider account of this individual as we investigate the incident.'

Since then Ramkissoon has disappeared from the media limelight and there is no news of her current whereabouts.   

As of now, Ramkissoon resides in Miami, Florida. The former Miami doctor is also active on social media like Facebook where many of her fans have written many posts encouraging to her. Judging by her social media, Ramkissoon is now just taking a time to move out of this public humiliation. 

Ramkissoon holds an American nationality and as far as her ethnicity is, concerned, she has a mixed ethnical background. 


The lady named Pooja Khunger created the petition titled "Reinstate Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon" and claimed that Dr. Ramkissoon was being hara s sed by strangers on the social media platform as they were even posting that she deserves the situation and also should be raped. However, the threats were proven wrong but 13 people signed the petition.

Is She Married? 

Anjali Ramkissoon is not married yet and is also dating anyone at present. She has never talked about his love life, relationship, and boyfriend. Following the infamous incident, she has really kept her away from the mainstream. 

Her rare social media appearance is another major reason behind her secret personal life. 

by rabina, 16 Aug, 2018

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