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Angelica Guadalupe Celaya was born in July 9, 1982 and she is pronounced with her stage name as Angelica Celaya who is 33 years in her age. The birth place of Angelica is located in Tucson, Arizona of United States who belongs with American nationality. Her parents are Mexican and being as an actress and model she is active since 2003 within the industry with best ranking of her work. The name of Angelicas older brothers are Jesus and Jerry who loves her a lot. She is the youngest out of 3 children and much more supervised by her parents. Angelica is fluent in speaking Italian, English and Spanish language but not good in Mexican language. Her father was a doctor and mother was working in a theater company.

Angelica is was very good in her education from the early age of time and she was planning to study geography in the early phase of time but due to her interest in acting and modeling dragged her into the field of entertainment industry. She made her official debut in the year 2003 which was remarkable step of her life in the official career. It was within Ladron de Corazones which was a popular telenovela. This made her to get offer in many other telenovela where some of them are Marina and Mientras Haya vida which is also counted as top ranking work of her.

Angelica since was very committed with her working in telenovela made her to meet Rafael Amaya while she was shooting for Alguien te mira which was in air in the year 2010. After this she was got engaged with her boyfriend Rafael after their long-time dating. But their relationship before getting married and stating as spouse got ended in the year 2015 where they publicly confessed their break up and began their independent life. Angelica now is single and she seems searching for a good partner to whom she can run her affair. There are no rumors of her divorce since she is not married and for her it is too early to be into permanent commitment life. Her bio indicates she is completely busy with her personal career by now and in not situation to have an affair again. She is food and music lover who is also active user of internet sites. Mostly, she loves enjoying time by travelling and listening music that is a real fan of Nirvana.

Angelica height and body weight seems managed with her looks and presentation styles that can be easily seen in the pictures. Angelica is also absolute with her salary where it is increased by 10% compared to the previous year. Along with this net worth is also calculated to be around 2 million American dollars in the very beginning of the year 2016.

by Bchrome, 29 Mar, 2016

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