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Andy Aitken “Andy” Rooney was born in January 14, 1919 and his birth place is within Albany, New York of United States. Andrew earned his fame working as a television writer as well as American radio broadcast across the television industry. He died in the age of 92 and mostly his appearance is CBS News Program is mostly accepted by the people within 60 Minutes. This was the time duration when he worked from the year 1978 till the year 2011. Andy is the son of father Ellinor Rooney and his mother name is Walter Scott Rooney. His father was a businessman and his mother was a homemaker during the very time.

Andy completed his education from Colgate University and this was located in Central, New York. He also joined his education in The Albany Academy for his further education and he also used to write in newspaper in the very time. This was the time in the year 1942 while he started writing for Stars and Stripes during the time of World War II. During the year 1949 he joined to CBS for his professional career across the industry and in addition to this he was able to gather many of his viewers and fans due to his amazing and adorable presence.

Andy was the father of 4 children and he got married with his spouse after some duration of their affair where they officially tied their knot in 21 April 1942 into the married life and accordingly their married life ended in 27 April 2004 with the death of her spouse. His natural death claims that he is a very healthy man who lived for such a long time and he was then the very time also active in his working few week ago then he died. This gentle man never had any divorce story and he never claimed of any affair matters that are related into his personal career. Andy used to love dance because according to him it is fit for the health. Andy used to spend most of his time reading books and he was a very creative person in decorating the internal decoration of his home as well. He used to spend maximum of his time along with his children and his son claims Andy was a very responsible father indeed. His married life was also going good and he was deeply in love with his spouse.

Andy height is 5 feet 2 inches in tall and he was amazingly successful in gathering his salary due to the progressiveness of his career. According to the sources, the actual collective net worth of this popular celebrity was approximately around 45 million American dollars during the very time and he was managing some more progressive act within his professional career with energetic nature to his work. 

by Bchrome, 28 Feb, 2016

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