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Andy McKee is a fingerstyle guitar player and YouTube personality who has been known to the audience due to several of his solo albums and videos on YouTube. He was born on the 4th of April, 1979 and is an American citizen. His albums like Nocturne, Dreamcatcher, Art of Motion, Gates of Gnomeria, Common Ground etc. have been hugely popular among music lovers. His fans search his bio and career history on sites like the wiki.

Born on 1979 in Topeka, Kansas, McKee’s professional career as a musician started up on the year 2001 when he released his first album named Nocturne independently. He was also placed in the third position in the National Fingerstyle Guitar Competition which took place in Winfield. He also went on a tour and played acoustic guitar and won the hearts of music lovers wherever he went. His second album Dreamcatcher was released on 2004 and the same year he was placed second in the Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in the Canadian Guitar Festival.

His third album Art of Motion was released on 2005 and it too gained success. His YouTube career and subsequent success took place on 2006 and 2007. He released his fourth CD album named Gates of Gnomeria on 2007. Owing to his huge popularity in YouTube and his albums, he gained popularity and success in the album as well. He recorded EP called Common Ground on 2009 which too was equally successful. He finished touring and focused on his album Joyland in the late 2009 and released it on 2010. His video entitled Drifting became hugely popular and led him to become the Candyrat Records’ bestselling artist. He has also offered sheet of music for all of his songs on YouTube and these too have proven to be hugely popular.

As far as his personal life is concerned, Andy McKee sure seems to be a shy personality. He is very extrovert and open about his professional life and has stated his opinions and disregard for file sharing and piracy. But when his personal life and his affair and relationships are to be concerned, he seems to be very secretive about it. He has never been married as far as the news of the tabloids is to be considered. He has also had no children yet and doesn’t surely seem to be in a hurry to have a spouse anytime soon. His dating history and relationship history has been well hidden from the general public and he doesn’t seem to be disclosing anything about it anytime soon. Fans of this legendary guitarist sure hope that more information about him becomes known to the audience and his fans as time comes.

Andy McKee has had both a successful music album career and YouTube career. This speaks volumes about the net worth he must have now. But his actual net worth and salary is not actually available to the general public.

by Bchrome, 08 Feb, 2016

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