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Andrew Shingange is Trevor Noah's half-brother, hailing from South Africa. Trevor Noah gained global recognition as a prominent comedian and host of "The Daily Show" from 2015 to 2022. Andrew's emergence into the public eye stemmed from Trevor's fame, prompting curiosity about Trevor's family background.

There's interest in Andrew's current activities, his paternal lineage, age, and his relationship with Trevor. However, details about his present endeavors, his father, his age, and his relationship with Trevor Noah might not be widely known or readily available.

Early Life Details 

Andrew was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, to Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah and Abel Shingange. Both of his parents are members of the Xhosa tribe in South Africa. Throughout his early years, Andrew grew up in challenging economic circumstances.

Andrew's mother, Patricia, stayed at home while his father worked as an automotive mechanic. Regarding his education, reports indicate that he attended Maryvale College, the same school as his elder brother, Issac.

Siblings Details

Andrew has two siblings on his mother's side: his biological brother, Isaac Shingange, and his half-brother, Trevor Noah. Each of their backgrounds and personal lives holds its level of privacy. Isaac, born in Johannesburg in 2002, was the first child of Patricia and Abel Shingange.

A childhood picture of Andrew Shingange's biological brother Isaac Shingange.  SOURCE: Instagram

Like Andrew, Isaac keeps details about his life relatively private. Trevor Noah, born on February 20th, 1984, in South Africa, is Andrew's half-brother. Trevor's mother is Patricia, while his father is Robert Noah, a man of Swiss-German ancestry. Trevor was born during the era of apartheid in South Africa, a significant period in the country's history.

Who Is Andrew Shingange's Wife?

According to media reports, Andrew Shingange's marital status suggests he is married. However, specifics about his wife and potential children have not been revealed. The lack of disclosed information extends to his current whereabouts, as Andrew maintains a deliberate penchant for privacy.

Andrew's preference for a low profile makes it challenging to obtain any details regarding his present activities or location. Updates will be provided if any information regarding his family or whereabouts becomes available.

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Andrew Had A Terrible Childhood

In 1992, Patricia married Abel Shingange, whose abusive behavior led her to fear for her and her children's safety. Despite reporting the abuse to the police, she received no help. Eventually, Patricia took a risk and left Abel in 2003, residing in a nearby shack with Andrew and Isaac for seven years.

Andrew Shingange's step-brother Trevor Noah with their mother Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah. SOURCE: Instagram

Patricia remarried, but Abel located her and, in a confrontation, shot Patricia twice, miraculously leaving her alive despite severe injuries to her buttock and head. Andrew's father, Abel, not only targeted Patricia but also attacked her new husband, Khoza, whom she married in July 2009.

Andrew's father Abel's actions showcased a pattern of violence towards Patricia's family. This harrowing ordeal revealed the ongoing danger and trauma faced by Patricia and her loved ones due to Abel's actions.

What Is Andrew Shingange's Net Worth?

Andrew Shingange's professional endeavors, career path, and financial earnings remain undisclosed, leaving his net worth and salary unknown. Despite this lack of information, it is apparent that he leads a financially stable life. Notably, his brother Trevor Noah boasts a substantial net worth estimated at $100 million.

While Andrew's specific financial standing remains private, the financial success of his brother serves as an indication of potential familial stability, although detailed information about Andrew's personal wealth or career endeavors remains undisclosed at this time.

A Brief About Andrew's Brother 

During Trevor Noah's birth, interracial relationships were highly taboo in South Africa. It wasn't until a year after his birth that the Immorality Act was amended in 1985, decriminalizing such relationships.

As Trevor transitioned into adulthood, he embarked on his entertainment career. His early roles included featuring in the South African soap opera "Isidingo" in 2002. He later launched his radio show, "Noah's Ark," on the prominent youth radio station, YFM.

Remaining active in his home country, Trevor took on significant projects like finishing as the runner-up in "Strictly Come Dancing" in 2008. He made his debut as a TV host in 2010 with the show "Tonight with Trevor Noah," airing on M-Net and DStv.

How Did Andrew's Brother Became Famous?

In 2011, Trevor Noah relocated to the United States, marking his debut appearance on The Tonight Show in January 2012. He then became the first South African comedian to do so. He also performed on the Late Show with David Letterman.

In 2014, Trevor became a regular contributor to Comedy Central's The Daily Show under Jon Stewart's hosting. His dedication led to Trevor being announced as Jon Stewart's successor, hosting the show from September 2015 until his departure in December 2022.

Beyond TV, Trevor Noah is an accomplished author. His 2016 memoir, "Born a Crime," garnered positive acclaim in the US, becoming a New York Times Bestseller and receiving accolades as the best book of the year from The New York Times, Newsday, Esquire, NPR, and Booklist.



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