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Andrew Rose Gregory is a member of the fairly successful album releasing and YouTube band named The Gregory Brothers. The band created with his siblings has been known to release songs which are characterized as Country and Soul, Folk and Roll. There are four members in the band who contribute greatly to its success. His date of birth is not known but details about his bio and career are searched widely by the band’s fans.

The band was founded on 2007. It includes the members, Evan Gregory on vocals and key and his wife Sarah Fuller of ba s s and vocals. Another member is Michael Gregory who is on drums and vocals. The part played by Andrew is that of being on the guitar and vocals. The three brothers Andrew, Michael and Evan are originally from Radford, Virginia. They moved to Brooklyn, New York to pursue a singing career. After meeting Sarah Fuller there and after the establishment of an affair between Evan and Sarah, the four people decided to open a band and di so on 2007.

Since the establishment of the band, they have released an album named Meet the Gregory Brother’s. The album has been ranked in the number one position in the category of Soul/ R & B on the Arnie Street. The album was widely accepted by music fans around the world and led them to achieve a lot of name and fame. Andrew has also pursued a solo career apart from being a member of the band and has released solo albums on 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011. The band has also collaborated with The Welcome Wagon and has been involved in their debut album. Apart from this, the team has also had a successful YouTube career which can be attributed to their comic videos which have gone viral. 

As far as the personal life of Andrew Rose Gregory is concerned, he seems to be very secretive about it. He is not known to have a girlfriend and his affair with any has been hidden well from his fans. He has reportedly never been married and doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to do so. He thus has no spouse and no children yet. Andrew has hidden his personal life so well that his relationship history comes out empty. He has never been a s sumed to be dating anyone of his same gender and thus is not a gay or a bi-sexual. Andrew has surely acc u mulated fame due to his musical and comedic skills on YouTube but it seems that his personal life will be well hidden from his fans for some more time to come.

Andrew Rose Gregory must be rich due to his musical endeavors on and off YouTube. However, his actual salary and net worth are hidden details waiting to be explored.

by Bchrome, 11 Feb, 2016

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