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Andrew Thomas McCarthy known with his stage name as Andrew McCarthy was born in November 29, 1962. Andrew was born in Westfield, New Jersey of USA who is 53 years old in his age. Being as an actor additionally he is also a traveler and writer active in the industry from the year 1983. Andrew mostly is recognized from his work in St. Elmo’s fire. Along with this he is also recognized from his character in the TV shows like The Family and White Collar. Andrew mother used to work in a newspaper and his father was working in investments and Stocks Company. His early time of childhood was spent within Bernardsville, New Jersey and from the very place he completed his early time of schooling.

Andrew joined Pingry School during the very early time of his schooling and further he became a part of Bernard’s high School. During the year 1980 she gained her own space in Hollywood. During the year 1983 he worked with his breakout role within the theatrical movies named cla s s was also counted under the successful work undertaken. Along with this he also worked in Weekend at Bernie’s in the year 1989 which was a comedy film and according to him it was the most challenging performance he has ever undertaken.

Andrew was previously dating with his girlfriend Carol Schneider in the year 1999 when they turned their love life into married life and stated as spouse. But their relationship ended in the year 2005 with their mutual agreement and again feels in affair with Dolores Rice in the year 2011. Till the current time they are having a healthy married life and he is now the father of 3 children belonging from his spouse of first and second one. Andrew is lucky to have his second wife in his life and he is good going with the family. Andrew has managed his filmy working and he is professionalizing his children to establish independently from their very young age. Andrew is also since being a good traveler has been a part of many of the world. His son Sam who was born in 2002 is the lucky charm for him from the very birth of him his fame rose and exclusive in his net worth. Andrew always keeps a novel aside while he works out for travelling and he seems enjoying every moment of it.

Andrew height is 5 feet 9 inches tall and he holds white ethnicity background. Along by side his net worth is successfully estimated to be 10 million American dollars that is collected out from his salary watching to his bio.

Andrew is also popular face in social sites where he has personal page in Facebook and he is a good user of twitter consisting thousands of followers in it.

by Bchrome, 01 Apr, 2016

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