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Andrew Fiscella was born on May 25, 1966 and his current age is 49. He was born in United States of America. Andrew was raised in his birth country with his family. Andrew was born from American parents and his childhood days were very prosperous as he was born in middle cla s s family. Andrew Fiscella is white according to his ethnicity. His nationality is American. And Andrew had not updated his sibling information yet.

Andrew Fiscella made his career debut from 1995 movie Cousin Howard where he appeared in the role of Arthur. In 1996 after a year of his debut in acting career he got a chance to be featured in an American crime-drama film The Funeral. In 1997 he was featured in movies like Made Men, Catherine's Grove, The Blackout and Form, Space & Murder.

In 2001 he appeared as Accomplice No. 1 in an American crime film 'R Xmas. Andrew was featured in The Deep and Dreamless Sleep and After The Sunset in 2004. He also got a chance to show his acting skills in 2005 movie x X x: State of the Union. He has also been part of the movies like Vacancy (2007), The Alphabet Killer (2008), Prom Night (2008), The Final Destination (2009) and A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010).

Andrew Fiscella has also developed his career in television series and he has been featured in series like Sex and the City (1998), Law & Order (2001), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2002), CSI: NY (2005) and Meet the Barkers (2005). 

Andrew Fiscella has kept his personal life in deep secrete. He has proved himself a very talented actor and his work have been appreciated by his numerous fans. Andrew’s current relational status is unknown, withers his single or dating or married.

Andrew Fiscella’s sexual orientation is also unknown, it seems to be straight but it is not confirmed that he might not be gay or bi sexual. Till the date there are no any rumors relating his dating or his affair. Andrew’s relational status is not updated, that makes us confusion that either he is married or not or he has attended a divorce. There is no any updated information relating Andrew’s children. He might not be married, maybe he has not got proper girlfriend to make his spouse. 

Andrew Fiscella is good looking guy and he has average height of around 5 feet and 11 inches.  He has brown hair and light brown eyes. Andrew has very good sense of dressing he always wears a dress which matches his personality and his charming face. Andrew’s net worth and his salary are missing.

Andrew Fiscella has been very popular for his roles in his TV and movies and he has huge fan following in social sites like Facebook and Twitter. He has updated bio information in Wiki.

by Bchrome, 15 Mar, 2016

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