Allison Rosati from WMAQ-TV has no complaints regarding her salary there. What's her net worth?

Alison Rosati is an American journalist who is famous for being the news correspondent and co-host of NBC's 'WMAQ-TV'. With Alison reaching the height of success with her talent and performance, her net worth and earnings are surely getting a proper rise. So, let's find out if she is really earning good and happy with what she has!

Alison's Net Worth and Salary

She brings a huge amount of money in her home every year from the agency. However, she has never confessed about her earnings. Accorrding to her employer, she has the net worth of around $20 million and earns $1 million per month.

Alison lives a luxurious life and spents a lot for her own grooming and better livelihood. Her contribution towards the TV industry has a very important role in her overall earning. 

Alison's Professional Success

Alison has been active in journalism field since 1985. In the initial period of her career, she worked as an a s sistant reporter in KTTC-TV. The following year, she was promoted as a producer and co-host of 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. news.

In 1985, WGRZ-TV hired for hosting their shows and she spent three years there. In 1990, she moved to WMAQ and started to host morning show 'First Thing in the Morning'. The next year, she was named as co-anchor of the show 'Chicago Live'.

In May 1997, she was named as the co-presenter of NBC 5's 10 p.m. newscast, where she hosted the show Wednesday's child from 1999 to 2005. In 1990, she portrayed the role of an anchor on the Disney's show 'Magical World of Disney'. 

The beautiful journalist Alison is also a philanthropist and has been involved within various social movements and charity all across Chicago. Apart from her professional life, her private life is also managed. 


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