Alison Gold

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Alison Gold is an American pop singer, famous for her singles "Chinese Food", "ABCDEFG" and "Shush Up" among others. She works in an a s sociation with PMW Live Label. Her singing career started after she was discovered by singer, songwriter, and producer Patrice Wilson.

Early Life, Bio, And Education of Alison Gold

Alison Gold was born on May 9, 2002. She is an American singer, dancer and also an actress. She is from Fairfax, Virginia and currently residing in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an upcoming actress and singer. She is been famous at this very age due to her talent in music and acting field. She is mainly known for her Chinese Dance song. She has a very good and inherited talent regarding her field. Alison did this song because she loved Chinese food a lot and paid a tribute to the great Chinese food.

Alison Gold's Career

She at a very tender age has this success which surely means that she is going to rock the world when she will get matured. She has reached to this height without any advertisement without any celebrity support no radio airplay but just through the famous YouTube channel. Her music has been appreciated and loved by all the music lovers from all age groups. PMW Live has signed her as the member of rap and pop duo Tweenchronic. Working with Tweenchronic has been so far beneficial for her as he has released a new song named Skip Rope in 2012.

She had signed with Patrice Wilson vanity label PMW and has done live performances within it. Her song consisting of viral music Chinese Food was her debut song. This video has led her to outstanding success and at present now the world knows her through various social networks and of course through the famous video encyclopedia “Youtube”. Her first song the Chinese dance has exceeded over 11 million views and this has led her to the success and due to which people have come to know about her.

Alison Gold's Net Worth

Alison Gold, the famous singer earns a good amount of money from her career. She earns an estimated $52,085 salary monthly which makes her annual income to around $625,000. According to some reliable net worth sites, Alison Gold's net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million.

by abhishek, 28 May, 2014

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