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Alicia Machado real name is Yoseph Alicia Machado Fajardo who was born in December 6, 1976 in Maracay, Venezuela. Alicia is working as television host as well as singer. She is also beauty queen who is also the winner of Miss Universe during the year 1996. Originally belonging from Venezuela she was the fourth lady to be counted under Miss Universe. Additionally she has also won the title of Miss Yaracuy during the year 1995. Her mother was glamour icon therefore, she was insisting her daughter to maintain her name in the field of beauty from the early age of time therefore, and she states her mother as major source of inspiration for her success.

As soon as she won the title Miss Universe after being a part of Yaracuy is the reason of her fame and publicity all across. Winning in 1995 as a title of Miss World is also the reason behind her success. She was interested in the field of glamour from very early age. After her achievement in beauty pageant she even searched her career in film industry. In the early time she started presenting herself within small character which was in Secreto de Amor which was top ranked international soap opera during the year 2004 till 2005. She even continued her career as a model working in commercial roles as well. She succeeded most of those across. Within Playboy magazine her shoot was amazing that attracted her heavy fan following.

Machado in the year 2005 got engaged with Bobby Abreu who is professionally baseball star. La Granja was the show during the very time where she was having a part while she got engaged and later her sex film also got released and this video sacrificed their love life and ended their engagement. She is now mother of a daughter Donorah Valentina who was born in June 25, 2008. She seems very happy with her daughter however; there is no any statement regarding whom she is married with for now. Alina is figure conscious and she is future oriented by her nature. She loves travelling and reading books in her free time. She is not gay and neither has she been a part of any rumor and controversy till today. Machado is very sophisticated and helpful person which is also the reason why she is liked by many people all across. Machado is planning to start her own business as well consulting with her father.

Alina height, weight and body measurement is not calculated yet. However, it seems she has excellent body type and she has properly managed it. Her salary and net worth is also good earning for now and she is satisfied because of this. Machado is also a s sociated in some social charity and trust investing some of her net worth of money. 

by ab-utshav, 13 May, 2016


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