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Alec John Such was born with his birth name as Alexander “Alec” John Such in November 14, 1951. Alec took birth in Yonkers, New York and he is now 64 years old with his age. Alec was with his profession being as a musician and he is retired. From the year 1983 till 2001 he was a s sociated with Bon Jovi and he was ba s s guitarist over there. His father was also a musician during the very early times and his mother was taking care of their family business. He was belonging from the sound economic background and he was mostly respecting his sister because of her souse and inspiration towards him.

Alec was dedicated into music from his very early times. He learned guitar from his cousin brother and he was a very fast learner. During his schooling as well he used to present himself within the school programs with the best music he can give upon. His teacher also suggested him to join the music cla s ses for his further musical career and he left his high school education for the sake of music. Later on he adopted music as his real and professional career and engaged within Bon Jovi for his further progress.

Alec has a very low profile maintained within the social media and the reason behind his low response is unknown. He has also never seen among the public and interacting with them sharing the stuffs. Though he has been captured by the camera in the public spot with the girls, he mentions none of them are his affair and just good friends of him. Whether he is married man or not is still a big question mark for the media because there is no any dictation of his spouse openly within the public yet. He is very silent by his nature and he himself is a nature lover. He loves greenery therefore he has planted many of the trees and plants within his house. Even his internal decoration and colors are all also green and accidently his favorite color is also green. Looking to the bio of Alec he is very quiet and shy kind of person who is in love with his loneliness. He has very limited number of friends and this can also be the reason behind his know any engagement within the rumor and controversy yet. Yet, Alec dictated himself a born traveler who loves travelling to cities. 

Looking across the pictures of Alec his height is determined of around 5 feet 8 inches in tall and somewhere it is also mentioned as 5 feet 9 inches in tall. Since, his bio has less information within the popular sites like Wikipedia and IMBD the totally amount of salary and net worth is difficult to be estimated with the appropriate sum of amount. 

by Bchrome, 02 Feb, 2016

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